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Biotin for hair

La biotine pour les cheveux

What is biotin used for in your hair routine?

Biotin has become the favorite of many women, and men for that matter, for having very healthy, perfectly thick hair that grows very well. If this hair makeover is at the center of all interest, it is quite simply because it is made popular thanks to influencers who only have eyes for biotin.

But what exactly is biotin? What are the benefits it provides to hair? Does a biotin-based hair treatment really improve hair health while providing shine and thickness? If you've asked yourself this question, you've come to the right place to find the answers!

Biotin for healthy shiny long hair

What is biotin?

In recent years, biotin has exploded in popularity, sought after for its ability to boost the health of nails, skin, and, of course, hair. Also known as vitamin B-7, is an essential nutrient most commonly found naturally in foods. Foods rich in biotin include grains like wheat and oats, vegetables as well as spinach and mushrooms like rice. It plays an important role in a balanced diet and hair health.

What are the benefits of biotin for hair?

Biotin converts glucose from carbohydrates into energy for the body and helps amino acids carry out normal body functions. It is also known for its positive effects on hair, including the growth of stronger and thicker hair. By strengthening the hair fiber, biotin also helps prevent breakage at the ends of the hair. So, when you opt for a hair routine based on biotin, you are helping to protect your lengths. This routine also helps improve the shine of your hair. Some research suggests that increased biotin intake may improve overall hair quality, including thickness and shine.

How does biotin act on the health of the scalp and therefore the hair?

B7 offers better hair care . It promotes hair and scalp health by acting on the structure of keratin, a basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails. It can improve hair health, including hair volume and scalp health. Rich in vitamin , biotin helps prevent hair loss. Biotin can fight inflammation, one of the main causes of hair loss.

Is a biotin treatment suitable for all hair types?

Our body and therefore our hair are generally made up of the same nutrients. Biotin can therefore be suitable for all hair types because it involves providing vitamins to the hair from the inside. The question to ask will rather be to know if at this moment T, your hair needs a biotin-based treatment?

If you are facing thinning or loss of your hair, it is best to consult a hair loss specialist. However, it should be noted that ensuring you get enough biotin in your diet can help prevent breakage. Biotin can help maintain the health of your nervous system, which is important for healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss.

What is biotin for hair

How to use biotin to improve hair health?

It can be used, most often as an ingredient in a shampoo or taken orally in the form of a supplement like supplements and gummies . At Madam President, Resolution No. 1 as well as our gummies are rich in Biotin. And therefore help you, from the inside, to fill the lack of vitamins and nutrients that you may have in order to fight against hair loss.

Hairboost rich in biotin

For adults, biotin intake is easily achievable through a balanced diet including foods containing biotin, such as meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and certain vegetables such as sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli. This highlights that a person eating a balanced diet will not necessarily need a supplement solely focused on biotin.

If you choose to take a supplement , biotin can be taken alone or with other B complex vitamins in multi-vitamin form.

Using biotin in topical treatments, good or bad idea?

Our body needs biotin, not only for our hair, our nails, our skin but our entire body. As we have just shown a little above, consuming foods containing biotin helps improve this level contained in our body. It should also be recognized that there are benefits to using biotin as a topical treatment. There are different biotin treatments like shampoos, masks, oils and more. You just have to choose the treatment adapted to the needs of your hair to provide it with the essentials for its growth.

Here are some things to know about biotin hair treatments. If you have any doubts about your biotin intake, we recommend that you consult your doctor so that he can have your blood taken.
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