Our story

Madame la Présidente is a love declaration to all women.
We think that every woman deserves to feel beautiful,
even though they do not always have time to take care of themselves.

Created by a Woman,
for Women

Madame la Présidente is a contemporary woman
who has little time to take care of herself.
Feeling good in her heels or
sneakers, according her mood, passionate of her work,
she loves buying new beauty products
she never has time to test.

Notre Resolution Histoire De Madame la Presidente

Meriem Malone, founder
of Madame la Présidente

Just like you, I am a busy bee. Stress
and pollution have a real impact on my hair :
loss, lack of brightness and vitality.

Because we are never better served than
oneself, I have developed a product that
looks like us and simplify our hair routine.

Histoire de Madame la presidente histoire d une presidente

You have to be a president
to handle a schedule of Minister.