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MAMA Gummies pregnant women

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Because even when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is important to take care of your hair.
Two gummies a day to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss.
Restoring health and beauty to hair during pregnancy or after childbirth has never been easier.

Madam President, no false promises, concrete results.
Since 2017, the guarantee of an ideal beauty routine, for all hair types.
Made in France, to simplify your daily life.
There is no need to wait 5 years for a check-up, 3 months is enough for optimal results.



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A concentrate of benefits during pregnancy and nursing!


The Mama gummies for pregnant and nursing women allow you to :
Boost hair growth and slow down hair loss: vitamin B8 is necessary for good hair and nail growth. Biotin (B8) also brings shine and thickness to the hair.
Reduce fatigue: Vitamin C and iron help reduce fatigue. They are complementary, as vitamin C increases the absorption of iron. Total weight for one pill box: 150 g – 60 gummies Results may vary from person to person.


Vitaminized gummies for pregnant and nursing women!

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. These nine months are marked by many physical and hormonal changes, which can lead to hair loss. The arrival of a baby also involves a hormonal change. Indeed, many women experience hair loss a few weeks after giving birth. Fortunately, this hair loss is not irreversible. Taking anti-hair loss food supplements can help with hair growth. That’s why we developed Mama, our gummies for pregnant and nursing women. Our vitaminized formula contributes to the beauty of your hair thanks to the many nutrients it contains. Mama is rich in vitamins B8 (biotin), B9 (folic acid) and B12. Our exclusive formula is vegan , made in France and without artificial coloring !

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