Stop electric hair!

Stop aux cheveux électriques !

When winter sets in and hats come out of our wardrobes, few of us escape the phenomenon of electric hair. Untameable, they become impossible to comb and bristle from the first stroke of the comb! While waiting for the return of sunny days, Madam President reveals some tips for avoiding hair antennae ⚡️

It's a winter classic that makes a comeback like every year: electric hair is here! What's more unpleasant than seeing them get tangled and stuck everywhere as soon as you take off a sweater too quickly?

The lack of humidity turns our hair into real charged batteries, especially if it is fine. In winter, drier air dries out hair . Since keratin, the main constituent of hair, is drier, hair, particularly the finest, is more easily charged with electricity. The principle is the same as for magnets, opposite charges attract! Hair that has a static charge opposite objects such as clothing or hairbrushes is therefore attracted to them!

Some good actions to limit the damage

Avoid synthetic materials: especially acrylic clothing, which is particularly conductive to electricity.

No wet hair: the sudden change in temperature between inside and outside damages the hair fibers.

Gentle washing: over-washed hair loses suppleness and dehydrates more quickly. Use a shampoo that is neither too concentrated nor too aggressive to wash your hair. Pay particular attention to the roots and do not rub for too long to avoid charging your hair with electricity.

Gentle drying: temperature shocks sensitize the hair and drying that is too hot aggravates the electrostatic phenomenon! The ideal is to leave your mane in the open air. If you blow-dry, start by pre-drying your hair by dabbing it with an absorbent towel, this will allow you to reduce the impact of the heat and even reduce its duration!

Last tip: Wait five minutes before styling your hair. Run your hands under water and touch your hair to discharge electricity. You can also place a few drops on your brush to make the styling session easier!

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