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You've asked us a lot, and even more since our article on choosing essential oils for hair loss ... And we did it! Choosing your vegetable oils is the basis of a successful hair routine. So how do you choose your vegetable oils to stimulate your hair growth and reduce hair loss? We tell you everything, right away!

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A brief overview of vegetable oils that make hair grow faster

To choose the right vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, you need a good knowledge of how they are made! And finally, it's quite simple: we explain all that to you.

Vegetable seed oils (sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, grape seed, etc.) to activate hair growth

Before becoming vegetable oils, the seeds are cleaned, crushed and heated before being pressed the first time. The oil then extracted will therefore come from “first pressure”. The less heating, the more the benefits of the oils will be preserved. This first pressing will produce a paste containing 12 to 15% crude oil. A second extraction, chemical this time, is possible to obtain more oil. But more is sometimes the enemy of better, and this second pressure is not necessarily the best for the health of the hair!

Vegetable fruit oils (apricot, olive, avocado, coconut, etc.) which boost hair growth

The process is quite similar: after being cleaned and crushed, the fruits produce a paste partly composed of oil. If the mixture is heated, the oil obtained will be called "pressure". In the absence of heating, it will be a "cold pressed" oil. Here again, a second extraction is sometimes possible to recover as much oil as possible: this will be the “extraction oil”. And you understood it... Pressed oil is richer in benefits. The best of the best, of course, is cold pressed oil, which preserves all the active ingredients of the fruits! Your skin and hair will love it!

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Choosing my vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth

Now that you know everything about their manufacture, let's focus on what interests you: choosing your vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth! For this, we look for oils with stimulating and strengthening active ingredients. Small non-exclusive list:

    • Castor oil: you must have heard of it, it is very suitable for boosting growth. You can also use it on eyelashes, nails, etc. Note, however, that its texture is quite oily, so it will be easier to apply when mixed with another, more liquid oil. A little more precise overview here !

    • Mustard oil: sheathing and strengthening, it will promote growth and reduce hair loss. Its action is strong, and it is recommended not to leave it on the scalp for more than 30 minutes.

    • Arugula oil: its rich erucic acid makes it essential for hair beauty. Flexibility, growth, strengthening of the hair fiber: everything you need.

    • Fenugreek oil: fortifying, it is ideal for an oil bath and a head massage!

    • Sapote oil: particularly suitable for frizzy and curly hair, it is also ideal for soothing the scalp.

As a reminder: favor first cold pressed oils for better effects. Of course, the ideal is to choose them organic!

Choosing vegetable oils to combat hair loss argan vegetable oil madame la presidente

Small bonus of this article, we also give you a small list of anti-hair loss vegetable oils!

    • Avocado oil: this oil will be very effective against hair loss, will protect the hair fiber and will also boost growth.

    • Borage oil: revitalizing, it will be perfect for stimulating tired hair!

    • Jojoba oil: this oil will protect your scalp from dehydration... And a healthy scalp is essential to limit hair loss!

    • Chaulmoogra oil: this oil has great soothing properties and thus fights against dandruff and hair loss.

    • Argan oil: nourishing and regenerating, this oil is known for its richness in vitamin E and will restore vitality to your hair.

And bonus, our list of vegetable oils that stimulate hair growth is also valid for stopping hair loss. Isn't that wonderful?

Synergy of vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth

And because we never leave you without a little quality tutorial, here's how to make your own growth activating serum, super quickly... And always easily!

    • 20 ml of Castor vegetable oil

    • 10 ml of Arugula vegetable oil

    • 10 ml of coconut vegetable oil (do not hesitate to melt it in a bain-marie)

    • and 10 ml of Avocado vegetable oil

Mix everything in a bottle, shake, it's ready! You've made your own (simplified) snake oil! Yes, that’s the name of this mixture that activates hair growth. You can apply it in an oil bath before washing, leaving it on for 1 to 12 hours. Dream hair is yours!

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In short, you have understood, the choice of vegetable oils for your hair is quite simple, and it is a great natural ally! Combined with essential oils and a suitable routine, they will help you find hair worthy of fairy tales!

And to help your hair even more, don’t hesitate to turn to food supplements! The overall action of Resolution N°1 promotes growth, reduces their fall and provides them with strength and vitality. Rather sweet? Go and grab our Hair boost gummies, Monsieur (designed to meet the needs of men) or Mama (dedicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women).

So, when do you start?

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