Do hair gummies accelerate growth?

Les gummies cheveux accélèrent-ils la pousse ?

Hair gummies: what miracle ingredients do they contain?

gummies for hair

Hair gummies are small fruity candies , containing vitamins, minerals and plants to enhance hair.

When you live a fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to eat a varied and balanced diet.

Consequently, this dietary imbalance develops deficiencies with harmful effects on our skin and hair .

In fact, the skin ages faster, the hair is dull and tired . More importantly, vitamin deficiencies cause hair loss .

But then what to do?

Fortunately, hair candies are here to help us give our body what it needs and get healthy hair again. Unlike food supplements in powder or capsule form, they can be taken at any time of the day and without water.

What vitamins and minerals are used in hair gummies?

Hair Boost , Madam President 's hair gummies contain vitamins, but also minerals necessary for hair growth and repair. hair growth gummies beginning of the fall, such as:

    • A to strengthen hair

    • E to preserve hydration

    • B5 to improve hydration and hair growth

    • B8 (called Biotin) to accelerate growth, slow down hair loss and regulate sebum production

    • B9 to fight against hair loss

    • B12 to prevent falls

    • iron and zinc to fight hair loss and accelerate growth

How long to take these vitamin gummies?

Generally, it is recommended to carry out dietary supplement treatments over a period of 3 to 6 months. This is why, at Madam President , we recommend opting for a treatment of 3 to 6 months, without stopping.

The 3-month cures can therefore be repeated several times during the year.

Therefore, beyond 6 months, we recommend taking a 2-month break before starting a new treatment.

During your treatment, it is important not to take other food supplements containing the same vitamins . The risk is to provide your body with an overdose of vitamins , which is harmful.

So, be patient, the effects will be seen from the first month. In reality, depending on your body and your hair capital, you will be able to observe the following effects from the first weeks:

    • slowing down of the fall

    • regrowth of baby hair

    • stronger, fuller hair

    • hair easier to detangle

Recently, Elle magazine ranked Hair Boost No. 1 in its Top 10 beauty gummies . The article is available on our Linkedin page :)

Where to find these hair candies?

Hair Boost Madam President

Madam President gummies can be found directly on our website, eshop section.

Find the list of all our resellers on our website. Discover their addresses in the points of sale section.

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