The benefits of rose water on hair and skin

Les bienfaits de l’eau de rose sur les cheveux et la peau

Rose water has been used since Antiquity for its antibacterial and regenerating properties. This little natural miracle product is making a comeback at a time when we are promoting naturalness and homemade recipes. Not yet convinced? We take a look at the benefits of rose water on hair and skin!

rose hydrosol benefits madame presidente

What is rose water?

Rose water is floral water, which is obtained through a process of distillation of the famous flower. It is more precisely a rose hydrosol, which has many benefits for hair and skin.

Where does rose water come from?

It takes about four fresh roses to make one liter of floral water. This is obtained by the distillation of the flowers: the water vapor passes through the plants and breaks the plant cells, which releases their active ingredients. Two precious liquids emerge: essential oil and floral water. Choosing organic floral water is important, because the product manufacturing process does not get rid of pesticides.

If we can use all varieties of rose to make floral water, there is one that shines with its reputation: Damascus rose water. It is the one that offers the best yield, and it is today cultivated from Morocco to Turkey.

A little history about rose water

Rose hydrosol comes from Arab countries, particularly Syria. It has been used there for skin and hair care since the 10th century. Originally, it was used for its cosmetic virtues. It was only later that culinary and therapeutic uses were discovered. The Damask rose and the Centifolia (“Hundred leaves”) are the two varieties of roses most used in cosmetics. The rose is an emblematic flower which was brought to us by a French knight at the time of the Crusades. Easy to grow in gardens, roses have become ornamental flowers, but they have lost none of their benefits. Moreover, many people make their own treatments using fresh roses.

The benefits of rose water on hair benefits of rose water hair skin madame presidente

Rose water is a perfect product for hair. In addition to being natural, it offers many benefits for the hair: hydration, anti-dandruff care, stimulation of growth, limitation of hair loss... All in a single flower!

Moisturize the scalp

The scalp can be damaged, as can the hair. It can also be the subject of irritations that rose water helps to soothe. In fact, this floral water is used to deeply treat inflammation. Thus, it allows the scalp to be healthier and prevent hair loss. In fact, this hydrosol stimulates blood circulation, which helps to strengthen hair follicles. In this sense, it can be used as a mask (and we will of course give you a homemade recipe this evening)!

Fight against dandruff

This is one of the advantages of floral water: its effectiveness against dandruff. Indeed, these can be caused by different elements: irritation of the scalp is one of them. Rose water relieves irritation and inflammation, which helps reduce dandruff production. It promotes oxygenation of the bulb and blood circulation of the scalp vessels. Please note that floral water is moisturizing for both the scalp and the hair. It can be mixed with natural vegetable oils (argan, sweet almond, etc.) to increase its benefits on hair and skin. We love.

Stimulates growth and limits hair loss

While it fights against scalp irritation, floral water is also very useful for preventing and limiting hair loss. As a natural product, it is ideal for preventing and reducing hair loss, especially when combined with other products. Rock water is particularly rich in vitamin C. This contributes to the stimulation of immune function and the production of collagen... Which is one of the proteins essential to good skin health and hair growth! As such, rose hydrosol can be used to stimulate hair growth, in addition to other natural and effective products.

Protects hair in all seasons

Rose water also activates the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This helps protect the hair from external aggressions, which increase in summer. The sun, sea water, chlorine from the swimming pool or heat are among the external aggressions which threaten the health of the hair, in the same way as pollution or repeated use of hair dryers or straighteners. You can absolutely multiply the treatments to strengthen and soften the hair, and thus make it more radiant. The best of the best hydrosols!

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Other benefits of rose water on the skin and body

Rose hydrosol is not only beneficial for hair. It is also good for the skin, which it refreshes, tones... and much more. This floral water helps combat the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, in order to soothe the overly exposed epidermis. Thanks to its healing and antibacterial properties, rose water helps heal wounds and scars. It respects sensitive skin and can help treat facial acne.

Rose floral water is also effective against swollen eyes, wrinkles, skin lacking hydration and even against internal ailments such as headaches, constipation or stress. Indeed, rose water is edible and can be used both orally and on the skin, depending on the problems encountered: it is versatile. Moreover, it is also naturally antioxidant, thanks to its flavonoid and vitamin C content. It provides our body with vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements precious for our health. How to refuse?

Some DIY ideas to enjoy the benefits of rose water

Using rose water on a daily basis is very simple: you just need to follow a few useful tips that are easy to implement. And rose water is not the most difficult product to use in cosmetics: it is very safe and easy to use.

A rose water shampoo for purifying benefits

To benefit from the benefits of rose water on your hair, simply add a few drops to shampoo. We most often add two tablespoons of rose hydrosol to a cup of water. We then mix a capsule of vitamin E as well as a few drops of jojoba oil, and we use it all to wet our hair before shampooing! Massage the scalp and lengths and leave for ten minutes before finishing the shampoo. Simple, but very effective.

In addition, you can simply rinse with floral water instead of mixing it with shampoo. After washing your hair, rinse it with a mixture of one tablespoon of rose water to one cup of water.

DIY: a rose water mask

Rose water provides natural shine and helps remove impurities when applied to hair. It can then be used as a mask on the hair. Its benefits are combined with those of many vegetable oils. It is possible to add rose water to most of your home treatments and DIY hair care recipes.

To combat scalp irritation, it can be combined with chamomile, lavender, witch hazel or linden hydrosols. For all hair types, you can make a mask with coconut oil and add a few drops of rose water to it. Finally, for an anti-dandruff mask, rose water is combined with green clay or rhassoul.

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A leave-in treatment with rose water

Rose water does not need to be rinsed. It is therefore possible to use it for spot care without rinsing. To do this, simply pour a few drops into the palm of your hand before gently massaging your scalp. Do it when it is dry, for around ten minutes. You can also make a moisturizing spray ! You can extend the application on the lengths and ends if necessary. Moreover, it is entirely possible to repeat this treatment several times a week. Simple, right?

The benefits of rose water are considerable: why not combine them with other products to double their effectiveness? Our Resolution No. 2 tea is a very good example: it naturally fights against dandruff and its effects will be reinforced if you combine it with rose water! Tea also helps strengthen the hair bulb and purify the scalp, which limits hair loss. The Resolution N° 1 food supplement is also effective in nourishing hair, stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss: great for a boost!

If you use rose water to limit hair loss, it is interesting to combine it with our Resolution No. 3 anti-hair loss serum. This helps reduce hair loss by anchoring the hair bulb in the scalp. And it also works on the beard! Finally, as it stimulates hair growth, rose hydrosol combines perfectly with Elixir Booster Resolution No. 4 .

So, any questions about the benefits of rose water?

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