The benefits of shikakai powder

Les bienfaits de la poudre de shikakaï

You finish your last bottle of shampoo and you don't want to buy an industrial product again... We understand you! It's time to discover one of the most effective and popular natural shampoos of the moment: shikakai powder. Don't worry, we're not going to let you get by with this information: find our DIY ideas at the end of the article to make the most of the benefits of shikakai powder on your magnificent hair.

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Shikakai powder: what is it?

Shikakai is a plant renowned in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine). It is most often used in powder form. The latter is made from an Indian plant which grows on the hot and dry plains of the center and south of the country: Acacia Concinna. This plant produces a small fruit that the Indians harvest, dry and grind to obtain… Shikakai powder! This powder is naturally very rich in plant saponins, molecules that plants produce to protect themselves.

Shikakai powder is therefore a powder obtained from the fruit of Acacia Concinna. No more no less ! It is 100% plant-based, vegan, natural and respectful of nature and health. Its delicious woody scent is very pleasant. Moreover, it enhances colored hair... Let's move on to its benefits, if you wish.

Shikakai powder is generally added to water to create cosmetic treatments and shampoos without using synthetic surfactants. It can also be used as a cleansing paste to replace shampoo or to create skin care products (yes, it is as beneficial for the skin as it is for the hair!). In short, everything we love!

The benefits of shikakai powder

We know that shikakai powder is effective on all types of hair (dull, colored, brittle, frizzy, fine, thick, dry, oily, etc.) and that its action on the hair is complete. But more clearly: what are the benefits of shikakai powder on hair?

Acts as a natural cleansing agent

Shikakai powder acts as a natural cleansing agent. It owes its properties to the saponins it contains. Saponins act as a natural surfactant, providing a foaming and cleansing effect that we appreciate when shampooing. In India, shikakai is traditionally used to wash hair and restore its natural shine. In addition to its cleaning effects, shikakai powder is a natural, non-polluting product that respects the environment and small local producers.

Brings shine and strength to hair

Shikakai fruit is rich in nutrients that are essential for healthy hair. Its powder brings vitality to lackluster, dull, damaged hair... It gives it shine and strength in a completely natural and healthy way. Most often, we mix a tablespoon of powder with two tablespoons of lukewarm water to obtain the basic mixture for shikakai-based shampoos and treatments. However, this powder can also be combined with yogurt, honey or egg yolk to increase its benefits and sometimes also complement them.

Shikakai Powder Benefits Madam President

Promotes hair growth

And this is one of the greatest benefits of shikakai powder: its benefits on hair growth! This Ayurvedic powder helps prevent hair loss and helps strengthen it. Better yet, it encourages growth! We can therefore combine it with our food supplement Resolution N°1 for additional effects! Our treatment is composed of 18 vitamins, minerals and plants which stimulate the hair bulb and hair growth. It is therefore ideal in combination with shikakai powder, which is renowned for its sheathing action. In fact, it helps to obtain more supple and lighter hair.

Gently cleanses and facilitates detangling

Ayurvedic cleansing powder is natural and helps absorb sebum that is deposited on the scalp. His particuliarity ? It absorbs excess sebum without drying or irritating the scalp, which is a real asset. Industrial products attack the skin, and may contain products harmful to health. Shikakai powder is natural and does not contain anything aggressive for the skin: it is ideal for oily hair, in combination with suitable essential oils, in particular. Very soft, shikakai powder has a particularly low pH (acidity level), which allows it not to harm the hair and skin. Finally, this powder facilitates detangling of hair, which is a real advantage for those whose hair is frizzy or very thick and difficult to tame.

Limits the appearance of dandruff

There are a large number of treatments and DIY recipes possible with shikakai powder. Many focus on treating dandruff. The nourishing and purifying properties of this natural powder then make it possible to eliminate all or part of the dandruff that sets in. The powder goes perfectly with our Resolution N°2 detox tea, which is also very effective against dandruff. Their natural actions complement each other wonderfully, for a dazzling result... And above all: natural.

Some DIY recipes to enjoy the benefits of shikakai powder

Shikakai powder is a natural powder that boosts hair growth and we love it! There is no shortage of recipes that incorporate it and they are all more enriching than the others: masks, moisturizers, but also shampoos, natural detanglers, etc. Here are a few to easily reproduce at home, to take full advantage of the benefits of shikakai powder on your hair!

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A hydrating hair mask to enjoy the benefits of shikakai powder

Very simple, this little DIY recipe is also very effective. This is a hydrating hair mask in which shikakai powder is mixed with natural yogurt (and a few other little things). Take a bowl and add 1 natural yogurt (yogurt of animal or plant origin, for a vegan treatment). Next, add two to three tablespoons of shikakai powder, depending on the length of your hair. Mix (we put a little energy into it, come on!) until the texture takes on the appearance of a spread. Then add a second yogurt and a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin. This is renowned for its moisturizing properties.

Finally, add a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil (five or six, at most), a tablespoon of castor oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil to your mixture. Finish your recipe with a new spoonful of shikakai powder and take care to mix well. Once the mask is ready, apply it to your hair, from the scalp to the ends. You can then keep the mask on for 5, 15 or 30 minutes (or even more) before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water. And as always, it is effective on straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, frizzy hair... In short, all hair!

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A dry shampoo with shikakai powder

Are you used to washing your hair with dry shampoo? In this case, forget about commercial chemicals and opt for shikakai powder! You can very easily create a natural and effective dry shampoo at home, using healthy, easy-to-find products. For this you will need:

    • Four tablespoons of shikakai powder;

    • Three tablespoons of cornstarch or arrowroot;

    • A tablespoon of white clay;

    • 15 drops of essential oil (your choice: lavender, clary sage, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, etc.).

Mix all of these ingredients in a sugar bowl style container. You can then apply the dry shampoo to your roots before letting it sit for a few minutes. Finally, brush your hair to remove shampoo and impurities! So, convinced?

A natural shampoo with shikakai that promotes hair growth

It is unthinkable to end this article without a little recipe for a natural shampoo to benefit from the benefits of shikakai powder on hair growth! This DIY will help you nourish your scalp with vitamins C and D and cleanse it without irritating it. For this recipe, you need:

    • Two tablespoons of shikakai powder;

    • A tablespoon of liquid honey (optional, can be replaced by agave syrup for a vegan version);

    • Two tablespoons of white clay;

    • Five drops of essential oil of your choice from tea tree, palmarosa, Egyptian geranium or ylang-ylang. Choose an essential oil suited to the nature of your hair: oily, dry, damaged, etc. ;

    • A little water to facilitate mixing and application.

Mix all of these ingredients in a little hot water, taking care to stir without causing the powder to fly in all directions (easier said than done!). Once the mixture is homogenous, you can then apply it to your scalp. Take care to massage it well before letting it rest for a few minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. Our little tip for shiny hair: add a little organic cider vinegar to the hair rinse water!

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Well, you know everything about the benefits of shikakai powder on hair! Nourishing, purifying, cleansing: it is an essential DIY natural care product. And you, did you know her?

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