How to boost hair growth?

Comment booster la pousse de ses cheveux?

Have you always dreamed of having a dream mane like Rapunzel's, thick and long hair, but when the months go by you always find yourself with the same result? Indeed, growing your hair is no easy feat! If you've spent more than half your life growing your hair , looking for miracle solutions and investing in hair products that cost you a small fortune, discover some effective tips that will allow you to boost hair growth. grows your hair.

Hair growth, the mechanism and points to know:

To obtain longer, stronger and healthy hair, it is important to adopt good habits and actions. However, to better define a routine that suits your hair, it is wise to understand how it grows. ?

According to studies, hair grows about 0.4 mm per day, or about 15 cm per year. Besides this, hair growth occurs in three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. The first stage lasts between two to six years, during which the cells of the hair root divide. During the catagen phase, hair growth slows or even stops and the root attaches to the scalp for about two weeks. At the last stage, the hair rests, which means that despite the treatments and other grandmother's recipes that you will adopt, your hair will not move a bit!

Hair growth cycle

How to achieve rapid hair growth?

If you've wondered how to boost hair growth ; know that you are in the right place and we will try to answer this question. Together, we will discover the right actions that you can adopt on a daily basis to ensure that your hair grows healthily while saying goodbye to breakage and hair loss. If this interests you , don't wait any longer and continue reading ! ?

Hair growth with plenty of minerals and vitamins:

We can never tell you enough, the minerals and vitamins that we consume have many benefits throughout our body. From our skin to our nails, through our body to our hair, everything is good in minerals and vitamins! In this case, if you want your hair to grow quickly, choose a healthy and balanced diet with a good intake of proteins.

Also don't forget to add:

    • biotin _

    • vitamin C

    • vitamin D

    • vitamin E

    • zinc _

    • iron _

    • omega -3

    • omega-6.

These will not only act on hair growth but also on nail growth and will strengthen them. Don't wait any longer to rebalance your diet so that it is rich in nutrients to have a pretty mane! ?

To make your hair grow, scalp massage:

Do you like (like if too familiar) that your scalp is massaged when you are at the hairdresser? Know that it is not only to relax you but above all to boost your hair growth ! So, do n't wait for your appointment at the hairdresser to treat yourself to this little pleasure at least once a day! You can do it with or without oil, preferably before going to bed.

This massage will increase blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles, responsible for hair growth. To go further in your massage, you can use a special scalp massaging brush. It will allow you to massage and stimulate your scalp while offering you a real moment of relaxation. ?Dead cells are removed and new hair follicles can breathe!

Scalp massage to promote hair growth

Grow your hair, avoid washing your hair with hot water:

Experts will tell you , hot water is the main enemy of your hair and will prevent you from boosting hair growth . So, if you want to wash your hair, use cold water, or even lukewarm water during winter periods of course! We wouldn't want our presidents to get sick! ? Indeed, hot water opens the pores while eliminating the natural oils found on our scalp. Hair becomes brittle and dull quickly. In this case, even if the temperature drops a few degrees, don't let yourself be tempted by hot water on your hair to ensure its good health!

Hair growth, brushing:

Combing or brushing your hair hard won't make it grow. On the contrary, you will inevitably weaken them. Also don't forget to buy the right hair accessories throughout your hair growth. ? Suitable equipment will be your best allies! You can use brushes made from boar bristles or brushes with wide teeth and more malleable such as Madam President's detangling brush .

It gently detangles, respects the hair fiber, prevents breakage and is suitable for all hair textures. For people with textured hair, detangle your hair when it is wet to avoid breakage and make it considerably easier. After washing your hair, dry it with a 100% cotton towel or simply use a t-shirt. This towel will absorb excess water contained in your hair fiber and prevent frizz as much as possible. You can find our super dry microfiber towel on our website

Growing your hair also means applying treatments like hair masks:

Hair masks can be applied from root to ends, unlike conditioners which are ideally intended for mid-lengths and ends. Look for nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil if your hair is damaged, dry and lacking nutrients. For those whose scalp is oily and prone to dandruff, hair masks made from amla, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil are still the best! Psst: I am told in the headset that Madam President also has a great mask, Resolution No. 6 My nutri-active mask. Made up of 97.6% ingredients of natural origin, it strengthens, nourishes and contributes to the good health of the hair. So is it a great product for growing hair and, above all, giving it love ? !

In order for your products to act deeply, wrap a warm damp towel or why not a heating cap on your washed, clean hair with a mask? The formula will act deeply thanks to the heat released by the towel or cap.

Perfect hair growth with rosemary essential oil:

Although there are an infinite number of oils that boost hair growth , rosemary essential oil remains the most effective. This oil offers multiple benefits when used in hair care and routines. In fact, rosemary essential oil helps eliminate dandruff which, when it accumulates, can clog the scalp, thereby reducing hair growth. What's more, it can treat inflammation and itching on the scalp.

Finally, rosemary essential oil contains carnosic acid which acts on the nerve endings of the scalp and which helps to grow hair . They will be much more vigorous from root to tip, essential to delight anyone wondering how to boost their hair growth. Know that you can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo Resolution No. 5 My Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo !

Finally, to choose your anti-hair loss essential oils carefully, you can discover or (re)discover our article on “How to choose your anti-hair loss essential oils” .

Rosemary essential oil to grow hair

Hair growth, incompatible with cigarettes:

Well I think you know, there is nothing good in cigarettes! In addition to destroying your body, making you addicted to nicotine, they will slow down the growth of your hair ! The smoke will inhibit the blood flow that will irrigate your scalp, impacting the proper growth of your hair follicles. The latter will have less oxygen and very few nutrients, which offers a result that we do not want! So, if you want to have long and perfectly healthy hair, you will also have to say goodbye to cigarettes!

Phenomenal hair growth with keratin-based products:

Another tip you can use to grow hair is using keratin-based products . These products will allow you to have healthy, strong and shiny hair. Keratin protein works by smoothing overlapping cells to form your hair fibers. The cuticle absorbs the keratin, resulting in hair that is fuller and less prone to breakage.

Boost hair growth with food supplements:

You now know how to adopt the best actions to have long hair quickly! So happy? ? If you have followed us so far you know that the basis for obtaining healthy hair is; to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Also know that you can add to these habits, taking food supplements which will not only have a beneficial effect on your hair but also on your entire body. Designed based on natural products, food supplements act on our body and help our metabolism to regenerate better.

This is certainly why they are adopted during detox cures. So, if you want to have long and thick hair, why not go for Madam President 's supplements such as Resolution No. 1 which has a global action on growth, stopping hair loss, it will also give strength and vitality to hair which will be deeply nourished. We recommend a treatment of at least 3 months in order to obtain optimal results! PS: Don’t hesitate to send us your before/afters on our Instagram ! ?

Food supplements to boost hair growth

Here are some elements which, we are sure, will help you improve your hair routine or perhaps change it, in order to obtain beautiful growth of your magnificent hair. For more beautiful, longer, stronger hair ! This is just an exhaustive list of the main actions you can take. The whole point is to avoid breakage as much as possible by retaining length. For more beautiful, longer, stronger hair !

And there you have the magnificent hair in the wind! #onadoore ?
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