Adopting a new hair routine for back to school? A good resolution!

Nouvelle routine capillaire pour la rentrée, une bonne idée !
Come on, smile, it’s back to school! It’s the perfect time to put things into perspective.
After months (or weeks?) of basking in the sun, it is essential to get back into the rhythm while taking the time to pamper yourself a little.
Let's not lie to ourselves, our hair at the end of summer is dried by the sun, sticky by sea water or chlorine, yellowed by the sun, in short, they are not in good shape.

Madam President explains to you in 3 points how to set up a routine, take care of your hair and with what products...Let's go!

Detox tea

How to set up an effective routine?

First of all, set up a hair routine, no no we rebel, it's not a constraint, it's taking time for yourself, pampering yourself and we deserve it. So no stress, no pressure, we simply start by setting simple and achievable goals. We define the rhythm, this day is shampoo, this day is this product and this day is rest.

  1. You choose the days

  2. You create your reminders in your smartphone

  3. You let yourself be guided

Respecting the days of your routine is key! it will allow you to measure the results of your routine which will motivate you to continue.

Taking care of your hair from the outside

We said it to ourselves, our dear hair is not shining brightly this fall, but nothing is lost, we do not despair. No one knows your hair, its nature, its specificities better than you. A quick look in the mirror will help you assess their needs. For a special, complete back-to-school hair routine, take care of your hair from the outside and the inside. This is a second key to success

  1. You detoxify your scalp from the inside thanks to Resolution No. 2 detox tea “My Hair Detox Tea”. This detoxification is essential to the routine. It helps eliminate dirt accumulated at the roots. Hot or iced, from breakfast to snack, comfortably seated on your sofa or at the office, sip “My Hair Détox Tea” without restraint. Plus, it’s deliciously flavored with ginger. Yumi!

  2. Then, we hydrate and nourish the hair by generously applying Resolution No. 6 “My nutri-active mask” and there you have silky hair guaranteed. The secret of the mask Madam President? the Capillum Fortis, a little secret created by us for you. Re-yumi, it smells so good!

And from the inside?

Nothing like a healthy lifestyle (OK that's wishful thinking), a balanced diet will help you achieve your hair goals. #healthyhairinahealthybody

The vitamins and minerals contained in our diet are not always sufficient to cover all our needs. The solution ? food supplements in regular treatment. Indeed, at Madam President, we have everything you need to find abundant, shiny and healthy hair depending on your problem...

Need to restore vitality and shine, an untimely fall? Hairboost in gummies or Resolution N°1 in tablets for three months…Hop problems solved.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding, is your hair falling out a little, a lot in any case too much? Stop all that by using a MAMA gummies cure, they have been formulated for you by our laboratory.

To summarize, rich in minerals and B vitamins, food supplements will allow you to give your hair a boost.

And there you have it, setting up a hair routine is simple, it allows you to take time for yourself.
Show us your results!

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