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White clay and its benefits

L'argile blanche et ses bienfaits

White clay, the powder with many benefits

The dream for all women is to find a cosmetic product with a thousand and one facets, which we can use for different parts of our body . The Graal !

White clay could be this miraculous product! This powder will bring you its benefits through numerous modular recipes .

Come discover white clay and its benefits right here!

The many virtues of white clay

What is white clay?

There are different types of clay : blue, yellow, pink, green, red and white clay.

These powders have many benefits and are suitable for all skin types and problems.

But let's focus on white clay : it promotes the elimination of toxins. It contains zinc, magnesium, calcium and mineral salts and is capable of treating many skin problems. Rich in silica, it is also called kaolin . It is considered the softest and most neutral clay and can be handled without danger but you should avoid using metal utensils to avoid altering its properties.

There you have it, you will have understood that white clay is a powder that has many benefits!

1/ For the face: Happy face!

White clay will delight even the most sensitive skin!

Oily skin , dry skin, with redness or small pimples : it will help each of our problems!

For example, if you want to cleanse and purify your pretty skin, nothing better than a white clay mask which will enhance your face without damaging it.

At Madam President we have a recipe for using white clay in order to highlight all its benefits?

To make it at home, you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons of white clay

  • ½ mineral water

  • ½ rose water

  • 3 drops of Tea tree oil (for oily skin) and chamomile oil (for sensitive skin)

First, mix the mixture to obtain a homogeneous paste.

Then apply to the skin and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing with mineral water

⚠️ Preferably use mineral water to rinse your face because tap water, which is often rich in limescale, will dry out your face.

What is the difference between white and green clay

2/ White clay and its benefits for your hair: Wonderful Hair!

The hair is not left out and the white clay is there for them too!

Like a good Swiss army knife, it will meet the needs of oily hair but also dry hair .

For oily hair

For this type of hair, it has cleansing properties when used as a mask.

Here is the recipe we offer you:

Mix until you obtain a homogeneous paste.

Then, apply to your hair for 1 hour.

The clay will absorb your excess sebum and oily hair will be just a bad memory.

The benefits of white clay for dry hair

Conversely, on dry hair or irritated scalps , it will have anti-inflammatory properties and will have a restorative role.

So, if you are in this situation, we obviously have a recipe for you!

You'll need :

  • 4 tablespoons of white clay

  • Mineral water or rinsing water based on Resolution No. 2

  • And for oily hair, use 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

To drink ? Really ?

And yes ! You can also do cures with white clay!

Diluted in water, it will help rebalance your intestinal flora and fill mineral deficiencies!

As you will have understood, white clay, thanks to its numerous benefits, is essential in our bathrooms for our daily beauty procedures .

Now you know what you have to do ladies and gentlemen!

At Madam President we advise you to opt for an organic white clay powder, from which you can enjoy all the benefits.

Finally, to complete your natural beauty routine, we advise you to take a course of food supplements which will deeply nourish your hair, nails and skin!
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