5 tips to beat the cold

Froid Madame La Présidente
Take out the hats, scarves and coats, the cold is here! When the temperatures continue to plummet, we turn up the heating to high and make ourselves a piping hot tea, but fighting the cold is no easy task. And bad news: we still have to wait at least two months before the temperatures rise, so you might as well protect yourself. Madam President gives you 5 tips to fight the cold

1. Let’s cover up!

It seems obvious but we preferred to remind you: in winter, you have to wear sweaters. Please note, not all materials are equal . To stay warm, choose wool, velvet, silk, angora or cashmere but absolutely avoid synthetics (except for fleeces, even if they do not protect from the wind).

2. The cold is in your head!

There are breathing techniques that allow you to warm up simply by force of will. A first technique consists of concentrating on visualizing flames at the base of your spine, another on the heat released by breathing. These techniques even allowed a Dutchman to climb Kilimanjaro in shorts (because we tell you it works!).
But the choice of your wardrobe or the decoration of your home can also have an influence on your coldness: curtains, throws, thick carpets, soft cushions and candles in warm colors can give the body an illusion of warmth.

3. Pay attention to your diet!

In winter, we eat soup : not only does it satisfy large appetites but it is also useful for stocking up on vitamins and eating a balanced diet. And above all, it helps warm the body!
So to get through the winter without shivering, we adopt the “meat” diet, full of proteins: stew, veal blanquette, beef bourguignon… Small dishes that warm you up! And if you are vegetarian, bet on red and white beans, broad beans, lentils, split peas, oat bran, soy, rye bread and dried fruits which are real anti-cold and anti-fatigue remedies.

4. We trust grandmother’s remedies!

The rosemary bath facilitates blood circulation and therefore helps you warm up more quickly.
For a bath: let 200 g of fresh rosemary infuse for 10 minutes before enjoying it. You can also add a few drops of clary sage or orange essential oil diluted in body milk.

not recommended for pregnant women and children!

Herbal teas have the gift of warming us up in no time.
Boiling water, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom; you can even add a little drizzle of honey or a few drops of lemon to prevent sore throats. Ideally prepare a large pot of tea so that you can refill it several times.

5. Exercise!

Moving increases the heart rate and therefore boosts blood circulation , which allows the body to adapt more easily to the cold . There's no need to get up for a jog every morning, but a simple, regular, invigorating walk can help warm up your body. At the office, consider taking a few steps or stretching every hour and at home, don't hesitate to do some gym exercises or a massage to activate blood circulation.
Be careful if you practice an outdoor activity, the warm-up must be longer and your outfit adapted.

Ready to face the cold?

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