5 tips for all curls

5 astuces pour toutes les boucles

As splendid as it is difficult to tame, your mane gives you a hard time to the point that you sometimes dream of having smooth, effortless hair! Whether they are slightly wavy, very curly or frizzy, here are 5 tips for all curly Presidents.

1. Not combing your hair (or almost)

Only use your combs and brushes on wet hair to detangle it. Brushing dry hair breaks the curl and makes the hair fluffy. Moreover, opt instead for a comb with wide and fairly spaced teeth, more suited to your hair. It allows you to detangle and care for your curls without breaking them. A significant asset?

2. Less shampoos!

Curly hair is particularly dry. As a result, it is not really necessary to wash them too often! Once a week is enough. You can even replace your usual shampoo with a most effective home-made treatment: hot water mixed with baking soda or apple cider vinegar . You can also create some as a solution to spray from time to time. Your curls will be full of life, freshness and well defined!

Another tip if you only need a wash to get your curls back into shape: low-poo, that is, just wash your hair with conditioner.

3. Make a mask once a week

To deeply condition your hair and rehydrate it, make sure to do a mask at least once a week.

You can do an oil bath to deeply nourish your hair fiber without weighing it down. Before shampooing your hair, soak your lengths with nourishing oil. Mix them strand by strand, from the ends towards the mid-lengths to promote penetration through the scales, and leave for at least thirty minutes, ideally overnight under a net! Shampoo your shampoo in the morning to remove the excess.

4. Brush with a diffuser

The diffuser envelops the hair with gentle heat which adds volume to the curl, whatever it may be. Avoid the concentrator, which breaks the curl and increases frizz! ⚡️

When you get out of the shower, apply a styling product to 3/4 of your hair and disperse it with your comb. Then flip your head upside down: loosen and scrunch your hair several times to force the curls to reform. Add a diffuser to your hair dryer to finish it off!

5. Wrap your hair overnight

Keep your hair locked in a confined area when you sleep and put it up to avoid "raplaplas" and other unwanted hair messes. Use a towel, satin fabric or even a t-shirt! T-shirts absorb less well than towels, so gently squeeze your hair before drying it, but don't twist it! This will significantly reduce frizz and breakage after washing. In the morning, simply relax everything to find sublimated and amplified curls!

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