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Why use a mask for your hair

Pourquoi utiliser un masque pour ses cheveux

Today there are different types of masks; moisturizing mask , nourishing mask , protein mask , detoxifying mask ... It is a product that has been integrated into hair routines for years. But, we can so lose and wonder, if it is really useful to use a mask.?

Our hair undergoes numerous attacks throughout the day. The environment, drying, heat, cold, pollution or even the use of accessories which can weaken the hair. If you want to know why the hair mask can protect us against these daily attacks, it's just below: ☺️

Nutri-active mask Resolution number 6

What are the benefits of using a hair mask?

Because we wonder whether or not it is really necessary to add this product to our routine, here are some good reasons to use a mask in your hair routine:

The hair mask to combat dry hair and restore damaged hair

Depending on the problem you are having with your hair, the mask will complement the use of your shampoo. As we indicated in our previous article, shampoo? is made to wash the scalp , remove product residues as well as sebum accumulation . Once your scalp is cleansed and clean, you need a product to provide the elements it needs.

The mask will nourish , hydrate and act in depth on your hair fiber to repair them, provide them with nutrients and hydration .

A significant additional advantage is that certain masks also allow you to detangle your hair. And at Madam President, we have what you need. My nutri-active mask - Resolution n°6 is an SOS treatment for distressed hair but also an enhancing treatment which will bring shine to your magnificent hair. ✨

The hair mask to add shine to colored hair

When you color your hair, you destroy part of your hair fiber or even all of it if it is not done well. The mask will act like a " bandage" , in order to seal the gaps and strengthen the hair.? This can have effects on your coloring by reviving it because there are masks specially designed for colored hair. These specific masks for colored hair will be able to repair the hair in depth , restore shine to dull hair , provide suppleness and revive the colors .

Mask to nourish and hydrate hair

How to properly apply your mask to your hair?

    • The mask should be applied to the lengths and especially the ends . Generally, you should avoid applying it to the scalp because it can make the scalp greasy ... EXCEPT Resolution No. 6 from Madam President, which is formulated based on Capillum fortis , will boost hair growth . There are masks to treat the scalp ; such as the detoxifying , exfoliating , cleansing or calming mask.?‍?

    • Take advantage of this little moment to perform a small scalp massage even if it is not in contact with the mask. You can also detangle, if the mask allows you to do so. Pay attention to the type of comb or detangling brush you use.

    • Leave for the indicated time under a heating mask , or even under a hot towel, to open the scales and better penetrate the nutrients from the mask.

    • Once the time has elapsed, you will need to rinse your hair well with lukewarm water and finish with cold water. You can also finish your rinse with rinse water like the one made with our Resolution No. 2 Hair Detox Tea which will balance the pH and add shine to your hair.?‍♀️

Depending on your hair texture, some of you will benefit more from applying the mask to dry hair and others will prefer, on the contrary, to apply it to wet hair. It's up to you to test and see how your hair responds best!

Now that you know everything about the benefits of integrating the mask into your hair routine, there is no doubt that there will be no more excuses! ?

Make way for the perfect routine for healthy hair!

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