Nomad: Your essential kit for this summer??

Nomade : Ta trousse d'essentiels pour cet été ??

A hair travel kit:

A travel kit is the ultimate beauty ally all year round. This importance of “lightness” is essential when we are lucky enough to be able to go on vacation, to recharge our batteries during a detox weekend or to enjoy a few days away from it all.

Who hasn't experienced the hassle of an overfilled suitcase, without being able to fit in their beauty essentials for their hair routine ? Or again, who has not known that suitcase so full to bursting as the trunk of the car? is held by a rope. But also, who hasn't experienced that dreaded check-in at the airport and who ultimately refuses to let us leave because our treatments exceed 100ml?

Ah the airports ✈️... the standards imposed, as we all know, are strict, particularly for cabin baggage. The container must not exceed 100ml. How frustrating is it to kindly leave your favorite products in your bathroom? Well, yes, but that’s it, that was before.

Nomad, our travel kit will allow you to travel with peace of mind and keep your hair in tip-top shape wherever you are! ? In addition, our small hair travel kit is 100% recyclable and contains your natural travel essentials? and effective for assured and confident self-care.?‍♀️

What does it contain?

Specially designed for a curly hair routine➰ and curly to frizzy hair routine➿ , in fact each kit corresponds to a routine in 3 steps, in 3 treatments, in 3 comforting moments.?

Resolution n°5 My Strengthening and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo in 50ml format. A strengthening treatment. Our strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo provides a light and pleasant foam to gently cleanse your scalp and strengthen your hair from the roots.

Resolution n°6 My nutri-active mask in 50ml format. A triple action treatment. Our nutri-active mask deeply nourishes, hydrates and strengthens your hair. This is the treatment that will enhance your hair, from root to tip!

My Curl Definer in 50ml format . A defining treatment. Our curl definer is ideal for reforming your natural curls, leaving hair soft, shiny and without cardboard effect. The little extra for the nappy team, it's the ultimate cream for a successful braid out or twist out.

nomadic curl kit

A hair kit with a superb look:

Finally let's talk about this beauty!? The color gradient immediately takes us to a childhood or vacation memory. A memory with your feet in the sand or at the top of a mountain. There, the sun sets and reveals its captivating, moving and warm colors. A unique moment transcribed in our Nomade travel kit .

Yes, but there you go, Nomad is much more than that. Nomad, it’s her, it’s him, it’s you.?

So, you are a nomadic woman, who wants to take care of yourself and your hair wherever you are.

You are proud of your hair, an expression of your identity.

Because “traveling” is not just about changing cities or countries.

Our nomadic kit will never leave your side and will accompany you. Everywhere. All the time.

Pssst: new offer of the moment? ! For any purchase of the kit, two Madame La Présidente satin scrunchies are included in your order!

Why satin?

With these presidential scrunchies, your hair is enhanced in all circumstances. Satin brings a touch of glamor that is both elegant and timeless. ? Thanks to this material, your styling products can act without being absorbed throughout the day. It is also a very smooth material which does not attack the hair cuticle, which does not create any demarcation or knots when you tie your hair. What happiness!! ? . Like the satin bonnet or pillowcase, you will have hair that remains soft and hydrated.
Its little extra? As a bonus, the use of satin also limits the appearance of split ends, breakage and hair loss in the long term.

Tchao attacks from the sun, hello shiny, nourished and defined hair, for successful evenings.

So, are you ready to travel with peace of mind? ??

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