How to make nails grow faster?

Comment faire pousser les ongles plus rapidement ? 
We all know, like our hair, growing your nails quickly can seem difficult! However with the right habits and tips, it can be easy and fun. You don't believe us? ? Keep reading to discover all our tips! In this article, we will give you practical tips to make your nails grow faster and keep them strong and healthy.

Growing your nails requires patience:

Be patient ! First of all, it is important to understand that nail growth is a slow process. It is a complex biological process that involves several steps. Nails grow from the nail matrix, which lies under the skin at the base of the nail. This matrix is ​​responsible for producing new cells that move toward the tip of the nail, thus forming the nail plate. The cells that make up the nail plate are made up of keratin, a fibrous protein that gives nails their strength and rigidity. The nail growth process is regulated by several factors, including hormones, nutrition, blood circulation and metabolism. On average, nails grow about 3mm per month, although this can vary depending on the age, gender and general health of the individual.

Grow your nails by eating healthily:

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for the health of your nails. Indeed, did you know that certain foods will be the best allies for making your nails grow quickly ?

Like rich foods:

  • in B vitamins

  • hell

  • zinc

These can help strengthen your nails and stimulate their growth. In addition, eating good foods will help you take care of them and make them grow.

Some examples :

  • spinach

  • nuts

  • the green vegetables

  • eggs

  • Fish

Hydration, one of the keys to growing your nails:

Well, we're not teaching you anything here, but as with hair, drinking enough water is important for the overall health of your body and including the growth of your nails. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day (the equivalent of 1.5L) to keep your nails hydrated and healthy. And that’s really what we love! #weloveit ?

Cuticle oil, another ally for nail growth:

Using cuticle oil is a great tip! Cuticle oil is a great way to keep your nails moisturized. So Regular application of cuticle oil can help strengthen your nails and stimulate their growth. How to do ? It's very simple, gently massage the oil onto your nails and cuticles (yes because we forget them too often!!) every day for best results. Dream nails like Hailey Bieber are yours!! ?

Limit the use of nail polish:

Although nail polishes are fun and colorful, they can also damage your nails if used too often. So avoid using nail polish all the time and let your nails breathe for at least a week before repainting them. However, there are now natural and vegan brands of nail polish ? which respect the nature of the nails. So if you absolutely want to wear varnish all the time, go for more natural varnishes so that they can grow.

To make your nails grow, avoid biting them:

Biting your nails can damage cuticles and nails, which can slow their growth. So avoid this bad habit and you will see a significant improvement in the growth of your nails. Yes, I know it's more difficult to do than to say, we know, but take courage, we must not despair! ?

To make your nails grow the right way, take food supplements:

Finally, to boost the growth of your nails , did you know that food supplements can also help you? Indeed, certain vitamins and minerals are essential for nail health and can stimulate their growth. For example, biotin (also called vitamin B8) is known to strengthen nails and promote their growth. Zinc and iron are also important for nail health because they help prevent breakage and brittleness.

That's good, Madam President offers you her Resolution No. 1 treatment, which will bring growth and volume to your hair but also to your nails! With its 18 vitamins, minerals and plants, it is the most complete food supplement on the market! ?

By following these simple tips, you can make your nails grow faster and keep them strong and healthy. Remember to be patient and take care of your nails regularly. Your nails will thank you! ?
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