Boost your hair in 3 months: The importance of a course of food supplements

Booste tes cheveux en 3 mois avec des compléments alimentaires
Hello to all Presidents ❤️ here we go for a new article. You are always looking for solutions to take care of yourself, your body and your health, have you ever considered taking a course of food supplements for hair but 3 months or more seem like an eternity? ?

Yes, our hair also deserves a little love and attention. Imagine a dazzling mane, beautiful, long, strong and shiny hair. All this is within your reach thanks to Madam President's 3-month (or more) cures specially designed for your hair. Come on, we’ll explain why it’s a must! ?

Food supplement: A 3-month treatment for radiant hair

We know that our lives are busy between work, outings with friends, children, sports sessions, and family, we don't know where to turn. But you shouldn't leave your hair undone! External aggressions, pollution, daily stress, hormones, all of this can seriously weaken your hair.

This is where dietary supplements come into play. They are like a tailor-made dose of vitamins for your hair. Rich in essential nutrients like biotin, zinc, vitamins A, C and E, they will nourish your hair from the inside. ? Madam President's food supplement treatments will be a real breath of fresh air for your hair.

The selection of our favorite cures by Madam President?? :

    • Resolution No. 1? : Promotes growth, limits hair loss, Strengthens hair and nails & Gains volume. Eighteen vitamins, minerals and plants in a tablet smaller than a doliprane. Elected Victory of Beauty 2021.

    • Hairboost? : Composed of biotin, zinc, iron and arugula, this cure. The result is faster hair growth, increased vitality and strengthening of the hair fiber.

    • Mom? : Ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It boosts hair growth and reduces hair loss.

    • Sir ? : Composed of biotin, PABA, vitamin B3, bamboo extract and other nutrients. This treatment promotes beard growth, strengthens hair and hair fiber and is suitable for all types of beards and hair.

* Are all our products vegan? (except Resolution No. 1), Made in France?? and without artificial colors!

If you've ever considered diving into the world of hair supplements , you've probably heard of the famous 3 month rule. You may be wondering why you have to wait so long to see concrete results.

Don't worry, we'll reveal everything to you! Take a seat and get ready to discover why hair supplements are effective from 3 months.

The secret to success: patience and regularity :

If you have ever considered diving into the world of hair supplements, you have surely heard of the famous rule of 3 months minimum for effectiveness . You may be wondering why you have to wait so long to see concrete results. We'll explain! ?

Ok, we know you're eager to see results. We are all the same! But let me tell you, the best things take time. A course of 3 months to 6 months is the key to success. Patience, patience, ⏱️ your hair will thank you! In a few months, you will give them the time they need to renew themselves, to become stronger and more resilient. It's like a little hair renaissance, and it's definitely worth the wait.

The Secret Life of Your Hair:

First of all, it's important to understand what's really happening to your scalp. Each hair follows a cycle of growth, rest and shedding. The problem is that not all hair is in the growth phase at the same time. Some grow while others rest or fall.

To grow and thrive, they need essential nutrients. And this is where dietary supplements come into play. They're like a magic potion? packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all essential for healthy hair. To go further, let's see together the different phases of a treatment.

    • ?️ Day 1 to 30: The Beginning of the Transformation: At the start of your treatment, the food supplements begin to deeply nourish your hair follicles. Your hair slowly absorbs these life-saving nutrients (antioxidants). The first signs of improvement usually begin to appear from the first month. You may notice a reduction in hair loss and perhaps even a slight improvement in its overall appearance.

    • ?️ Day 30 to 60: The Root of Change: During the second month, nutrients will make their way to the roots of your hair. It is at this stage that you may start to feel your hair stronger and more resistant to the touch. Food supplements continue their work from the inside, strengthening the structure of your hair.

    • ?️ Day 60 to 90: The Hatching of the Result: It is in the third month that the magic fully operates. At this point, the majority of your hair will have had the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of the dietary supplements. You'll likely notice healthier growth and a significant improvement in the texture and shine of your hair. Your entire scalp will be healthier, which will significantly reduce hair loss.

For even more effectiveness you can double the treatment (and the effects) and do a 6-month treatment. *** Please take a break of 4 to 6 weeks between each treatment. After your break you can start your treatment again endlessly! ?

Finally, for dietary supplements to have maximum impact, regularity is key. Nutrients must accumulate in your body for your hair to benefit fully from them. This is why a 3 month treatment is recommended. The first signs of improvement may appear earlier, but for lasting and visible results, three months are necessary. ?

You understand, a 3-month course (and more) of food supplements for your hair is much more than a simple beauty gesture. It’s a well-being approach that impacts both your hair health and your morale. Give your hair the chance to shine, look great and make you proud every day. Be patient, the results will definitely be worth it. ❤️

If you too have tested or plan to test food supplement cures, Madam President, do not hesitate to write us a little comment. It gives us great pleasure to read you! ? For more hair tips or to simply follow our adventures, go to our social networks just below. ?

XOXO, the Madam President team
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