5 Fall Foods for Healthy Hair

5 aliments d'automne pour des cheveux sains

Autumn is here, and brings with it seasonal hair loss ... But if the sweet and colorful fruits of summer have left us for the moment, new options are available to us to pamper our hair through food . Goal: healthy hair on a healthy body!
Focus on 5 fall superfoods that help reduce hair loss and have healthy hair.



Hazelnut is your hair's best friend: iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B, it is full of elements that will reboost it. Indeed, minerals play an essential role in strengthening the hair fiber: the more you consume, the stronger your hair will be! Vitamin B , for its part, is essential for healthy hair and contains nourishing properties that allow it to be deeply hydrated. In summary, the hazelnut is small but mighty!

Madam President's advice: Because a President does not have time to prepare complicated dishes, you can eat whole hazelnuts as a snack: 0 preparation, 100% pleasure! Just avoid grilling them to retain maximum of their benefits.


The pumpkin

This cucurbit (from the pumpkin and other gourd family) is full of vitamins . A, B, C, D, E, it contains the whole alphabet! A boon for your hair: vitamin A strengthens the hair fiber, which will be stronger and less brittle; vitamin C stimulates growth; vitamin E preserves the hydration of your hair and limits dandruff; and we have already talked about the benefits of vitamin B… Pumpkin is also rich in minerals (iron, magnesium), which makes it a great ally for your hair. Its bonus: it has a slight sweet taste, which delights us grown-up children! In short, no need to wait for Halloween to take it out of the closet.

Madam President's advice: Its creamy texture makes pumpkin a perfect ingredient for a smooth and soft soup, like Grandma's! Add some herbs and a few nuts (themselves excellent for your hair), and that's it.



Like us, the fig enjoyed the sun all summer! Full of vitamins (A, B and K) and potassium, it will have a great effect on your hair, which will be invigorated. Better yet, it also takes care of our morale! In addition, we also benefit from its nutrients and fibers, which contribute to the proper functioning of our transit: no more stomach aches at the end of the day, enjoy your blanket without curling up in a ball. In addition, it can be eaten alone or with a dish, or simply with a drizzle of honey or a slice of cheese: enough to vary the pleasures!

Madam President's advice: Unlike other fruits, the riper the fig, the more benefits it has. Choose them well in advance, your hair will be even more beautiful and healthy this fall!


The khaki

Too often forgotten at the back of our shelves, khaki is excellent for the health of our hair. It stimulates growth thanks to the vitamin C it contains, but it also gives us the healthy glow that we lost with the return of the rain. Indeed, like carrots, persimmon is rich in provitamin A (carotene), which contributes to tanning, but also to the protection of the cardiovascular system. So don't hesitate any longer: bite into it with your full teeth.

Madam President's advice: No need to peel it, you can eat its skin and benefit from all its nutrients... Everything is good in persimmon!


The leek

Very low in calories, leek is nevertheless a real concentrate of nutrients! A source of vitamins C and E and provitamins A, it will give your hair a well-deserved boost: stimulation of the hair bulb, hydration, sanitation of the scalp... So many benefits that we can enjoy from the start of autumn and for a good part of the year. It also contains a lot of fiber and, like persimmon, it helps preserve the cardiovascular system. So don't hesitate to overdo it, it's a non-guilty pleasure!

Madam President's advice: Leek is sufficient in itself in pie, soup or even risotto...1001 flavors in 1 vegetable, ideal for a President who doesn't have time to go shopping!

Cut leek

Add to this cereals , the benefits of which are no longer discussed, and a good routine against hair loss , and the latter will no longer be anything but a bad memory!

And for all those who don't have time to fill their fridge with fresh produce, Madam President is there. Concentrated in B vitamins and other essential nutrients, Hair Boost and Monsieur slow down hair loss, reduce breakage and make hair more supple and stronger. Two candies a day... And that's it!

You're all set, fall just better watch out, because this season you'll have more than healthy hair!

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