Hairstyle ideas for the holidays

Idées coiffures pour les fêtes
New Year's Eve on the 31st is fast approaching and you're wondering: What hairstyle can I do?!
Between the outfit, the makeup, the shoes and the hairstyle , we don't know where to turn, because the mood is: look your best! Today, Madam President is taking a thorn out of your side by offering you our 6 favorite hairstyles for the end of year celebrations . With these hairstyles, we are sure that you will slay like a queen! #self confident . Trust us! ?

Frohawk , High puff , Sleek bun again Two bun . You will definitely find your happiness. So, are you ready? Let's go!

Holiday hairstyle idea number 1: Frohawk aka the “cool attitude” Christmas hairstyle:

Ideal for the holidays , it is very simple to make and especially quick when you are in the rush of preparing for the New Year . Available on all types of curls , the Frohawk will appeal to more than one. Besides being a very cool hairstyle, it is also a hairstyle that requires little to do. You only need a large pair of pliers (to be adapted according to the thickness of your hair) and a few flat pliers. Nothing more, nada! ?

frohawk madame presidente

Here is a little tutorial from the beautiful @Mely:

Are you more video? No worries, we offer you a tutorial but this time in video ? :

SO ? You see, it’s not that complicated! And even super easy!

Holiday hairstyle idea number 2: the high puff or the pineapple bun

Once again, a super simple hairstyle . What is the high puff hairstyle ? The high puff hairstyle is simply a high bun. It gives you volume and height to your curly hair and can be done in two steps - three movements. During events, it can also give you a very chic and elegant look. Perfect for the end of year celebrations or your everyday life!

Stop! I see you coming. Are you going to tell me “Okay , that’s all well and good, but how did we make it ?” . First of all, prepare your hair well in advance with good care like My Curl Definer ; to shop fissa to boost all your curly hair . To create your high bun, put your head forward, fold all your hair back and using a brush , tie it into a bun .
Psst ... you can use our Detangle Me brush to make the job easier. To make it even simpler , we advise you to also use a loose elastic band or a headband that you will wrap in several turns. For more elegance, you can choose to coat your baby hair with gel . We’re like that, we give all our tips ! ?

Here is a high puff idea below made by the beautiful @CurlFreindAri : The Perfect High Puff On Natural Hair

High puff

Hairstyle idea for the holidays 3: Bella Hadid’s sleek bun!

The sleek bun's the perfect hairstyle for the holidays because it's a revisited classic and the icing on the cake is that it suits every hair type .

For this hairstyle, you will need a comb (hello Détêl-moi brush ) and a gel like aloe vera, super natural, to smooth your hair without damaging it or weighing it down.

First, part it in the middle then tie all your hair into a “ simple ponytail ”. Then for your scalp, use the gel to smooth all your little hairs. Finally, wrap the locks of your ponytail. You can leave a little hair sticking out like in the photo opposite. ?‍???

Hairstyle idea for the holidays 4: The two bun

Once again, a super simple hairstyle that the Madam President team loves. Yes, this year we are stylish with simple hairstyles. Yes it's possible !

To do your hairstyle, you will need Resolution No. 3, My anti-hair loss serum , a comb, a brush and some satin scrunchies (preferably).

Start by separating your hair in two using the comb, part it in the middle then make two pigtails. Roll each quilt into twists, one after the other, and form two small buns. Secure your little buns with two elastics.

And There you go ! It's already finished! A quick and pretty hairstyle in less than 5 minutes shows in hand.

Even if it's very simple, here is a little video tutorial for novices: Space buns tutorial in curly hair - Quick & easy hairstyles

Hep Hep Hep, we weren't going to forget the straight hair team! It's very bad to know us! We are an INCLUSIVE brand that suits every hair type.

Let's start with a hairstyle that, in fact, suits all hair types! Isn't life beautiful?

Slicked back hair:

So we've seen it everywhere this year and if you ask us, this is only the beginning. This type of hairstyle is so practical, especially in case of SOS. If you have hair that gets greasy quickly, this trend is perfect for you because it helps hide oily hair since it is flattened. Clever, right? Whether in a bun, in a ponytail, in braids or even the two front locks, this hairstyle can be adapted INFINITELY, and the auuuu beyond...sorry, I'm getting a little carried away.
Psst don't forget that to straighten your hair you can use our super Resolution No. 3 My Anti-hair loss serum.

At Madame La Présidente we are fans of this type of time-saving hairstyle. We extend the pleasure with some examples of hairstyles placed just below.

The 60's ponytail:

Then we have the ponytail but 60's version. Ariana Grande, do you know? You must have noticed our reference in his clip 34 + 35 . Also very easy to make, it will allow you to be stylish in all circumstances . Where to start ? Put your front locks to the side , fold them with a little aloe vera gel or our Resolution Serum No. 3 My Anti-Hair Loss Serum , then tie the rest into a ponytail . Finally you can take your straightener (or a blow-dry brush and a hairdryer will do the job very well ) and straighten your ends, sixties effect guaranteed!

That's it, that's all for today; We hope you liked this article and we’ll see you next week. Hello team!

Ah last tips before leaving us, to enhance your hair in a single gesture all year round, food supplements Madam President are your essential hair routine : with them, hello growth, tchao fall ! The ideal gift for everyone: Resolution No. 1 or Hair boost for your mother, your sister, your cousin, Mister for your boyfriend You don't have a boyfriend? Me neither, in fact, if it doesn't matter, you can also give it to your father, your brother, your uncle or your cousin!

Mama for your sister, your pregnant and/or breastfeeding cousin, Little chair for kids from 4 years old ... Everyone will find what they're looking for!

And obviously, we think about our hair but also our skin with our Pure gummies ?

Happy holidays girls and see you next year! ??

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