The benefits of castor oil on hair

Les bienfaits de l’huile de ricin sur les cheveux

Castor oil has been used for centuries to strengthen hair and make it more beautiful. Bonus: it adapts to all hair types: here is what you need to know about it, and some little homemade recipes to enjoy the benefits of castor oil on your hair. Let's go !

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What is castor oil?

Castor oil comes from the castor tree (so far, it's easy). This plant is native to the African continent and makes it possible to make a very clear, almost colorless oil, the uses of which are very diverse. Currently, the largest castor oil producing countries are Ethiopia, India and Egypt.

Castor oil has a major advantage (and that's why we love it): it adapts to all hair types! Dry, oily, frizzy, curly, damaged hair, full of dandruff... You will see, it is one of the vegetable oils best suited to hair... and one of the most beneficial. And this is no coincidence: castor oil owes its effectiveness to its extraordinary composition. This includes more than 90% omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as saturated fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals. In short, an ideal combo for hair!

The benefits of castor oil on hair

Suitable for all hair types, castor oil is beneficial for everyone. This is how it works?

Preventing alopecia with castor oil: its benefits on hair loss

Castor oil helps prevent alopecia , which refers to abnormally significant hair loss. Its ability to nourish the scalp and hair bulbs also provides other benefits against canities (appearance of white hair ), pruritus (itching) and dandruff!

It is also possible to combine castor oil treatments with our Resolution No. 3 Anti-Hair Loss Serum , which slows hair loss and helps to strengthen the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp. It is therefore a great product to complement the benefits of castor oil.

castor oil benefits hair loss madame la presidente

Promote hair regrowth

Cranial massages with castor oil promote hydration and nutrition of the scalp. But it also activates blood microcirculation, which helps stimulate hair growth. Castor oil stimulates the activity of hair bulbs and can be combined with certain essential oils to stimulate hair growth.

Our Elixir Booster Resolution N°4 roll-on also contributes to hair regrowth in thinning areas and activates the blood microcirculation of the scalp. It also combines with castor oil treatments and Resolution N°3 to slow down hair loss (in addition to anchoring the hair bulbs in the scalp). To stimulate hair growth, you can also rely on the food supplement Resolution No. 1 : 8 nutrients for crazy growth!

Nourish hair deeply

Castor oil provides valuable nutrients to hair that lacks them and promotes hydration. It has a fairly viscous texture which fills the hair scales and helps them to close. It is also advisable to avoid shampoos containing sulfates and silicone, which suffocate the fibers. Favor natural shampoos and regular care with vegetable oils .

Nutrient-rich dietary supplements, like Hair Boost , can also help deeply nourish hair.

Repair damaged hair

Many internal and external factors can damage our hair: stress, pollution, the Sun , sea water, chemicals and heating appliances... The natural properties of castor oil are ideal for repairing brittle hair , dull and split. Thanks to its fatty acids, it regenerates the hair fiber and protects it more effectively. The hair is deeply nourished, but also protected from external aggressions.

Eliminate unwanted dandruff

The benefits of castor oil on hair don't stop at the hair fiber! Indeed, vegetable oils rich in fatty acids nourish the scalp and make it more resistant. It thus produces less dead skin ( dandruff ). Castor oil is also ideal for eliminating these and preventing their reappearance. In this context, it is often combined with tea tree or geranium essential oils.

Hair care with castor oil can be combined with the consumption of our Détox Resolution N°2 tea . The latter also helps eliminate dandruff and purifies the scalp, in addition to purifying the hair (while preventing hair loss): an all-in-one tea!

The benefits of castor oil on fragile hair

Frizzy and curly hair isn't the easiest to style, but it looks beautiful! They deserve appropriate daily maintenance, with an oil that meets their needs. Castor oil is ideal for this role. It has softening properties on frizzy, thick, frizzy and difficult-to-maintain hair. Its action directly targets keratin. As a mask, it nourishes the hair, but it can also be applied only to the ends. If you had to use just one treatment for frizzy hair until the end of time, it would have to be castor oil!

benefits of castor oil for hair

Other benefits of castor oil

While it is beneficial for all hair types, castor oil is also suitable for skin care (but not only).

Deep hydration of the skin

This vegetable oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E (antioxidant) which stimulate the production of collagen, making it a perfect anti-aging treatment. As such, it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but also treat dark circles.

On the other hand, it deeply hydrates the skin and can relieve itching as well as inflammatory pain. Indeed, it is antimicrobial and relieves muscle and joint pain (knees, hands, ankles, back, etc.).

A beneficial oil for nails

Castor oil is also effective in strengthening nails. It helps fight brittle and soft nails, which are most often a sign of zinc or vitamin deficiency. This oil is also antibacterial and can treat nail fungus. Simply place a drop on the nail and massage with circular movements. Take care to gently push back the cuticles (the little skin that surrounds the nails) before application.

Strengthen and densify hairs

When applied regularly, castor oil has the power to densify and strengthen hair. It can therefore be applied using a cotton swab or a mascara brush to the eyelashes and eyebrows, in order to stimulate the hair follicle. For gentlemen, it promotes the growth of beard hair and makes it shinier, softer and fuller. Don’t hesitate to combine it with our Monsieur gummies for optimal and faster results!

DIY to enjoy the benefits of castor oil on hair

It is possible to occasionally add a dash of castor oil to your shampoo to make your hair more shiny and resistant. But if you want to go even further, here are some ideas to make the most of the benefits of castor oil on your hair.

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Castor oil bath and its benefits on hair

Castor oil can be applied in a bath to all hair types, especially frizzy hair. This gives the oil time to penetrate the hair. For greater effectiveness, it should be applied in its pure form, from the root to the tip of the hair, and left on for as long as possible (one full night, not a week). The hair will nourish itself with the nutrients present in the oil and fill itself with fatty acids which are beneficial to it. After a night of application, simply rinse your hair and shampoo.

You can also combine castor oil with grapeseed oil, which will reinforce its effects and make its texture more fluid, and therefore easier to apply!

The benefit of the castor oil mask on frizzy, curly, curly or straight hair

You can also go all out with a nourishing castor oil mask! So use equal quantity of coconut milk and castor oil. Then add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Of course, adapt the quantities to the length of your hair. If you want to perfume your hair, or if you want to give it additional care, you can add a few drops of suitable essential oils.

Mix these ingredients well and apply generously to your hair, from roots to ends, gently massaging your scalp. The idea is to gorge them well. You can do it before showering or keep it on your hair overnight.

And you, what is essential in your hair routine?

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