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How to moisturize your hair: 5 DIYs

At Madame La Présidente, we really like simple, natural recipes to take care of our hair. In our articles, you can also discover lots of DIY recipes to take care of you and your hair: here , here a...

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How to lighten her hair naturally ?

Would you like to go from a dark hair color to a lighter shade? In this case, before considering ultra-aggressive (and sometimes completely failed) chemical bleaching, you should look into the na...

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DIY: The benefits of red clay on hair

Did you know ? Red clay is a very popular product in natural cosmetics and has many beauty uses. We tell you everything you need to know about it, and we also give you some little tips for using i...

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DIY: Marshmallow powder for shiny hair

Marshmallow powder: all natural skincare addicts have already heard of it! Known for its virtues on the skin and hair, it is essential for conditioning and revitalizing treatments. Focus on marshm...

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7 DIY masks to take care of your hair

DIY treatments: we often hear about them, but it's difficult to sort through everything that is offered to us... What to do for oily hair? Dry hair? Dandruff ? Don't panic: Madam President offers ...

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Dry hair: nourish or moisturize?

Faced with dry hair, should you nourish or moisturize? We all ask ourselves this question without ever finding a clear answer. Are you tired of making random masks “just in case”? Do you moisturize...

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⁠Shea whipped cream to repair hair

Autumn, the wind, the rain, the cold, the scarves... An ordeal for our hair and our skin which dry out very quickly. How can we help them cope with all this? How to avoid red cheeks and split end...

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The benefits of Aloe Vera on hair

Plant with many qualities, for internal or external use, with healing and moisturizing properties. Let's discover the benefits of this little miracle of nature that is Aloe Vera. The Virtues of ...

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Stinging nettle, what are its benefits for hair?

Stinging nettle: what are its benefits and how to use it? From a very young age, we all avoided nettles . For what ? Due to their stinging property. We all remember walks in the woods or in the ...

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Taking care of your skin and hair after the holidays

Just like your diet, your complexion and your hair didn't survive the holidays? Damaged and dull, they have difficulty resisting the cold and the gray. Madam President, give you some ...

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DIY: Special nourishing mask for dry skin

You have dry skin and with winter, heat, cold, fatigue, your complexion tends to redden and your skin becomes irritated. Madam President offers you a very simple and quick recipe to re...

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DIY: The exfoliating and nourishing mask (special for oily skin)

Is fatigue giving you a dull complexion and blemished skin? Our miracle cure: an exfoliating and nourishing mask to make twice a month (and up to once a week if necessary). Follo...