Difference between nourishing and hydrating your hair?

Différence entre nourrir et hydrater ses cheveux ?

What is the difference between moisturizing and nourishing your hair?

Do you know that our hair, just like our body, needs to be hydrated and deeply nourished to have good health? Indeed, strong, shiny hair that grows well requires a good hair routine. But the question that many people ask themselves is, what is the difference between nourishing and hydrating your hair? When should you nourish your hair? When should you moisturize your hair? If you too are having trouble answering these questions, here are some tips.

Nourishing or hydrating your hair what is the difference Madam President

What is the difference between a nourishing treatment and a moisturizing treatment?

A hydrating treatment should contain ingredients that promote water absorption and retention. On the other hand, a nourishing treatment must contain ingredients intended to nourish the hair fiber without weighing it down. So, when you go to buy your next products for your hair routine, be sure to read their compositions carefully.

What are the essential elements to nourish and moisturize your hair?

A complete hair routine is about more than shampoo and conditioner. To be healthy, hair must be constantly replenished with three elements: water, oil and protein. These three elements are equally important for a complete hair routine. However, it is necessary to identify the ideal combination and administration of each of them to obtain the best results. Some hair types need more water while other types need more oil. It will also depend on what our hair needs at a given moment. The ideal hair routine to follow depends mainly on the type of hair, your needs and the porosity of the hair fiber.

Water to hydrate or nourish hair?

Moisturize your hair Madam President

Replenishing water is what makes hair softer, bouncier and more elastic. Water is essential for carrying vitamins and nutrients, and also very important for balancing the balance of your hair fiber in case of protein sensitivity. Hair has the ability to hydrate itself with the water present in its environment. Whether you have curly hair , frizzy hair or straight hair, you will always need to properly moisturize your magnificent hair.

Oil vs. sebum ? What do you need to know?

The sebum produced naturally in the scalp has the function of constantly nourishing hair follicles, providing shine, smoothing strands and removing frizz. It keeps the hair healthy. The oil will allow it to smooth the cuticles in order to avoid micro-damage invisible to the naked eye but detrimental to healthy hair growth. It is also restorative for the hair fiber and helps seal in the hydration provided by other products. It is therefore important to include it in your hair routine regardless of your hair type.

Does your hair need nourishment or hydration? The expert's response

If you have strands that are dry and losing elasticity, your hair needs to be hydrated. The hydrating treatment helps control the amount of water your hair absorbs and retains. Look for ingredients such as honey ,aloe vera , and vitamin B5 . Like your entire body, your hair needs to drink water. Make sure you get them what they need for better growth stimulation.

On the other hand, if your locks are brittle and fragile, they need to be recharged with nutrients. To nourish your hair fiber, it is recommended to use oils, protein treatments, keratin or even powders.

Nourish your hair Madam President

How to find the balance between nourishing or hydrating hair so that it is healthy?

To be healthy, hair needs a combination of water and oil. Follow a comprehensive hair routine that replenishes strands with water, oil and protein.

Avoid shampooing too often

We recommend not using shampoo every day, and as infrequently as once a month. If your hair is constantly dry, extend the time between washes. Use a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Handling your hair less often is essential, especially if your hair tends to be dry. Excessive handling can also weaken them, as can exposure to different elements such as wind, sun and cold.

Experiment with different protein levels

Moisture and protein need to be balanced, and too much protein tends to make your hair dry and rough. If rough, dry hair sounds familiar to you, you're probably eating too much protein in your daily or weekly diet. Learn more about protein sensitivity and if you feel like you have too much protein in your diet, start by eliminating high protein products. You don't need to completely eliminate protein from your diet, but start using fewer protein-rich products, or use these products less frequently.

Choose the right products according to your hair needs

When choosing products to moisturize or nourish your hair, remember to choose products that match your hair's needs. You can often make mistakes, but don't worry, by testing and listening to your hair, you will eventually find the right routine and know which product works or doesn't for you :)

Add dietary supplements

Food supplements will also help you improve the quality of your hair and its growth. You can take them in the form of gummies or tablets and they will strengthen the hair fiber.

At Madame la Presidente , you will find food supplements for young and old. From gummies to tablets , you will find the product that will meet the needs of your hair and your body. If you want to stimulate growth and reduce breakage , we recommend a Hairboost treatment , in the form of gummies. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our current sales to test the cure or continue your cure!

Here are a few things to know when it comes to the difference between hydrating and nourishing hair. With this little information, you now know how to understand your hair, which products are best suited to your routine and how you can improve the quality of your hair while boosting its regrowth. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us your questions.
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