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DIY: The benefits of red clay on hair

DIY : Les bienfaits de l’argile rouge sur les cheveux

Did you know ? Red clay is a very popular product in natural cosmetics and has many beauty uses. We tell you everything you need to know about it, and we also give you some little tips for using it properly and taking full advantage of the benefits of red clay. Let's go !

benefits of red clay DIY powder madame la presidente

The manufacture of red clay: where does it come from?

First of all, we need to put things in the right order: what is red clay? It is composed of illite, trace elements and iron oxide (the latter being the origin of the color of red clay). This highly pure ore also contains kaolinite. It is extracted from natural quarries (often in France, because it is very present there), then we subject it to mechanical treatment: 0 chemicals.

Crushed then dried, the red clay is reduced to powder before being packaged and marketed. But it is also found in many cosmetic products (natural or not, pay attention to their composition!). This natural product is very concentrated in trace elements, and it is known worldwide for improving blood circulation. Its virtues are slightly different from other forms of clay such as green or white clay, although they have some points in common.

Little anecdote: red clay, naturally pigmented, was widely used by Cleopatra, the famous and sulphurous queen of Egypt. She included it in her various skin or hair care balms. Women have been using it for a long time for its benefits on the skin, but also on the hair and the rest of the body. As a cosmetic ingredient, red clay is used in body, facial and hair care in various recipes and formulations, each richer than the last. Its pigments are also widely used to color makeup. In short, you will have understood: red clay has been a must have since Antiquity!

The benefits of red clay on hair

Please note that red clay is suitable for all hair types, particularly red and dark tones. But of course, you can enjoy its properties whatever your hair color!

Red clay: essential for brown and red hair

Red clay is an ideal care product for brown hair and all shades of red due to the presence of iron oxide in its composition. Indeed, the latter acts particularly on these hair shades and enhances them. Red clay also helps make these colors more beautiful and intense than ever. But that's not all: it goes even further and will certainly become one of your favorite natural beauty products!

benefits of red clay DIY powder madame la presidente

Regain shine and suppleness with red clay

Sprinkling red clay on your hair and scalp seems like a harmless gesture... However, far from it! This provides the hair fiber with a concentrate of mineral salts and essential trace elements which help to make it stronger, more supple and shinier! Clay is a real treatment for all hair types (and all skin types), which deeply nourishes the hair and enhances it. Thanks to the nutrients present in the clay, the hair is stronger, more resistant... And much more balanced!

Add volume to your hair

Do you find your hair a bit too “flat”? Are you tired of doing your hair for hours and seeing your work disappear as soon as you step outside? In this case, red clay is one of the natural products you need to try. In fact, in addition to revitalizing the hair, it gives it more volume and density. They will then be easier to style and tame on a daily basis. Besides, if you have red or brown hair, then you have certainly found the natural product that is best suited to you!

DIY curly hair madame la presidente

Fight oily hair naturally with red clay

Red clay has considerable absorbent properties. As such, it can absorb excess sebum and provides more tone to oily hair. Clay normalizes and balances the hair fiber without damaging it and without denaturing the scalp, unlike many cosmetic products dedicated to oily hair. Naturally, this red powder will eliminate impurities and purify your scalp, for a dazzling result!

The benefits of red clay on the skin

What are the benefits of red clay on the skin? That’s what we’re looking at right away!

The ally of sensitive skin

Most clays have benefits for the skin, especially sensitive and damaged skin. So, many mothers apply white or green clay to the irritated buttocks of their little ones! Red clay is also one of the natural ingredients that soothes redness and pain in irritated skin. As such, it can be used as a mask, poultice or natural balm. Simply use it pure (and therefore dab clay powder on the irritated area) or mix the powder with a little mineral water or hydrosol of your choice. Appeasement guaranteed!

DIY fragile hair madame presidente

Multiple benefits

In addition to its soothing effects, red clay cleans, softens, decongests, purifies and heals the skin (just that!). It contains mineral salts and essential trace elements which fight toxins as well as skin impurities. Thanks to its absorbent properties, red clay detoxifies the skin and remineralizes it at the same time... Not bad for a simple powder! Finally, you can use red clay to even out your complexion and subtly mattify it. Also note that it stimulates blood circulation: ideal for waking up the skin on difficult mornings!

Improves blood microcirculation

Red clay stimulates and improves blood microcirculation. It thus allows better transport of nutrients in the blood, to the skin and hair tissues. Finally, you can benefit from the benefits of red clay by ingesting it! Thus, this powder is often used to relieve liver pain, but also to counter iron deficiency. These uses also justify the ingestion of red clay as food supplements. But if iron is a big problem for you, don't hesitate to turn to food supplements to stock up on nutrients!

Our DIY ideas for hair and skin with red clay

Red clay can be used perfectly alone, as a mask, as a poultice, as a massage, etc. It is also common to add a little red clay to a shampoo in order to benefit from its benefits occasionally. But it can also be combined with other ingredients (natural, of course) to create ultra-effective treatments for skin and hair. Here are some recipes to liven it up a little!

benefits of red clay DIY powder madame la presidente

The anti-greasy hair mask

If you have a scalp that's a little too productive and sebum to spare, this recipe for an anti-oily hair mask based on red clay should change your life. To make this recipe, you will need:

  • two teaspoons of red clay;

  • a tablespoon of water (mineral if possible) or hydrosol of your choice;

  • a blend of rosemary, ylang-ylang, and peppermint essential oils (a drop of each will do the trick).

You can double these amounts if you have a lot of surface area to cover, especially if your hair is very voluminous. Mix all the ingredients above to make a paste. Distribute it at the hair roots and scalp, massaging gently. Leave your anti-oily hair mask on for about half an hour, then rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water.

Homemade red clay shampoo

Ideal for all hair types, this homemade shampoo is cleansing and conditioning. In a 250 milliliter cup of hot water, dissolve two tablespoons of red clay and five drops of ylang-ylang, rosewood or true lavender essential oil. Mix gently using a wooden spatula then apply everything to damp hair. Take the time to massage the hair well along its entire length, paying particular attention to the scalp. Leave your shampoo on for ten minutes before rinsing generously. This shampoo does not lather, but it cleans the hair perfectly... Naturally?

A revitalizing mask with red clay

And because we always have the solution to everything, you can enjoy the benefits of red clay on sensitive skin! For this you need the following ingredients:

  • 30 grams of red clay;

  • 1 teaspoon of jojoba powder;

  • 3 tablespoons of rose water;

  • 2 drops of chamomile essential oil;

  • 2 drops of rose oil;

  • a touch of mineral water or hydrosol of your choice!

Mix all these ingredients until you obtain a homogeneous paste, before applying the mixture to your skin. This mask will be ideal for revitalizing and relieving your face. Leave it on for about a quarter of an hour. While the mask is on, if the clay dries out a little too much, you can spray a little floral water or mineral water on your face.

To conclude, red clay, like its cousins ​​white and green clay, is an ancient and natural product that has accompanied the beauty of women for many centuries! You can also benefit from it thanks to these few recipes, or by using food supplements that contain it. You can also combine red clay with Resolution N°2 detox tea to increase its benefits tenfold!
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