Hair loss and alopecia: causes and solutions

Chute de cheveux et alopécie : causes et solutions

Hair in the shower? On the pillow? On the brush? On your coat? Anyway, hair everywhere? Many treatments are offered to combat this scourge. But, as with any hair problem, the solution also and above all requires a suitable routine... Madam President takes the problem head on and zooms in on hair loss, its causes and solutions!

hair loss causes solutions Madam President

What are the main causes of hair loss?

First of all, note that it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day when washing and styling. If you are in this range: everything is fine, enjoy! Beyond that, hair loss is excessive. Focus on hair loss and its causes, to better find solutions!

Hair loss linked to a hereditary or hormonal factor

First possible cause: heredity. Thank you mom, thank you dad! Baldness and androgenetic (or androgenic) alopecia are often linked to this factor. Hair growth is then disrupted and regrowth is reduced, until the follicle is exhausted. But androgenetic alopecia can also result from the action of androgens. In women, it is rarer and attacks the entire top of the skull in a diffuse manner, generally sparing the frontal margin. Dermatological follow-up will offer suitable solutions, but it is still essential to have a quality hair routine.

Other causes of hair loss: emotional shock, stress and fatigue

We never stress it enough: a healthy mind for a healthy body. If you don't feel good, your hair won't either! Thus, fatigue, emotional shock or significant stress can increase hair loss. Here, it's all about hormones: male hormones take over when female hormones fall. This can lead to excess testosterone, which itself leads to negative effects on the hair.

These triggers can also be the cause of autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia areata. The hair falls out in places in the form of patches and no longer grows back. For this type of pathology, again, medical monitoring is necessary, but a good routine remains essential!

Hair loss linked to nutritional deficiencies

Dietary deficiencies, especially iron deficiency, can cause hair loss. In fact, iron contributes to the oxygenation of the blood and thus makes the hair more resistant and shinier. However, many women have an iron deficiency during their periods, after childbirth and at the onset of menopause. It is therefore essential to do a regular check-up ! In general, all minerals and vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body and the good health of the hair, and food supplements help to avoid deficiency!

Taking medications and chemotherapy

Taking certain medications, particularly chemotherapy, can also cause hair loss. Everyone responds differently to treatment, which is why some people only lose a small amount of hair, while others lose a lot.

An unsuitable routine routine attacks hair hair madame la presidente

Another factor in hair loss: the use of unsuitable products. Using treatments for dry hair if you have oily hair can weaken your hair fiber. Likewise, straight or wavy hair, curly hair, frizzy hair and frizzy hair do not have the same needs. It is therefore essential to adapt your care to your hair type, your hair problem and your porosity .

Likewise, the presence of impurities on the scalp, or a damaged scalp in general, can also promote hair loss. The reason is simple: dandruff and residue clog the hair bulb and suffocate the hair. And of course, when hair dies, it falls out!

Likewise, poor styling habits can be devastating for your hair, including being the cause of traction alopecia. This progressive hair loss mainly affects the frontal area, around the ears and the temples. It is mainly caused by hairstyles that are too tight and repeated: bun, ponytail, braids that are too tight, braids that are too heavy, weaves, hair extensions, etc. Of course, straightening, perms and coloring, which attack the hair fiber, should be avoided as much as possible to avoid hair loss.

Lack of sun and light: important cause of hair loss

Finally, seasonal hair loss is spontaneous hair loss due to the change of seasons. Let the one who has never suffered from it raise your hand! (Lucky!) This fall is notably linked to the change in brightness. It usually appears in early spring and fall and stops on its own after a few weeks. In other words, it is far from being inevitable (but is no less hopeless). In fact, sunlight stimulates the production of hormones responsible for growth... Changes therefore play a significant role in hair growth and loss.

What solutions can be put in place to combat the causes of hair loss? madam presidente causes solutions hair loss

Hair loss: solutions to all the causes! To fight, you must adopt good gestures and implement a good hair routine. And for that, you will need to equip yourself with an iron will and concrete motivation!

First solution against all causes of hair loss: avoid attacks

Petrochemical shampoos, coloring, rubbing against cotton, elastics that are too tight, hair dryers, straightening or curling irons... So many enemies for your hair! They damage your hair, burn it, dry it out, break it... And cause it to fall out. We can never repeat it enough: gentleness is the watchword! Silk pillowcase, large satin scrunchies, microfiber towel, brush adapted to your hair type: arm yourself to give love to your hair, and it will return it to you power 1000!

Adopt a balanced and varied diet to limit hair loss

In addition to your routine, new eating habits are also essential solutions to fight against hair loss, whatever its causes. The ideal is to have a balanced and varied diet to avoid deficiencies. Therefore, regularly consume vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and do not hesitate to eat foods rich in iron such as red meats, lentils, offal and nuts. Conversely, avoid consuming too many bad fats and sugars: in excess, they are bad for your health, that of your skin... And of course, your hair! But don't panic, a deviation from time to time will never hurt you! Little advice: adopt a diet rich in protein and B vitamins, because these nutrients participate in the renewal of hair follicle cells.

Don't wait for the seasonal fall to pass

To remedy seasonal hair loss, choose a gentle shampoo that will clean and strengthen your hair. Don't forget to choose a quality conditioner, which will give volume and resistance to your hair by hydrating and nourishing it. We also recommend that you massage your scalp for a few minutes a day to stimulate blood microcirculation and thus promote growth... The ideal: our Resolution N°3 anti-hair loss serum and our Resolution N°4 active regrowth roll-on, which will reduce hair loss. , will anchor the hair bulb in the scalp and stimulate the regrowth of sparse areas.

Review your lifestyle

Generally speaking, the solutions to combat the different causes of hair loss all involve a change in lifestyle. If possible, avoid putting yourself in overly stressful situations and consider taking care of yourself to improve your health, mood and well-being. Also spend some time on distracting and fun activities, and surround yourself with positive and caring people. What do you mean it's easier said than done?

Use the services of a dermatologist

Despite all these measures, it is possible that hair loss persists or that hair no longer grows back, particularly in the case of alopecia or baldness which, as we recall, are pathologies. In this case, you must resort to the services of a dermatologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatments. But be careful, we don't relax! A good routine is important to enhance the effects of medications.

So, in case of traction alopecia, you must change your styling habits by avoiding too tight hairstyles, straightening and coloring. In the case of androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata, treatments will be prescribed to slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth. At the same time, a good routine will allow you to avoid further weakening your hair!

What natural solutions to fight against the causes of hair loss? oil bath hair care hair loss madame la presidente

The oil bath: one of the solutions to fight against the different causes of hair loss

Like you, your hair is hungry and thirsty! So you need to feed and hydrate them properly. An oil bath will be perfect to provide hair with all the nutrition it needs. Bonus, many vegetable oils are known to slow hair loss and promote hair growth.

Coconut oil, for example, is known for its nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties, while olive oil is, for its part, very effective in combating hair loss. Castor oil, on the other hand, guarantees healthy and rapid growth (however, it is quite viscous and often combined with another oil for easier application). Finally, rosemary oil is known for its action on the dilation of blood vessels, cell division and therefore the activation of hair growth.

Homemade hair mask with nettle and white vinegar

If you are looking for a good grandmother's remedy for hair loss, you can opt for the homemade mask made from nettle and white vinegar!

    • Boil a liter of water in a saucepan.

    • Dip 200 g of fresh nettle leaves and 30 cl of white vinegar into it.

    • Let the mixture cook for 20 minutes before straining.

Once cold, the solution obtained can be applied to your hair after conditioning, as a final rinse. Dream hair is yours!

Whatever its nature, it is essential to identify the cause of hair loss to find a solution and implement a suitable routine. But routines are not always enough, and a little help (or push) is never refused! For this, do not hesitate to turn to our food supplements: Resolution N°1 is composed of 18 vitamins, minerals and plants which will promote growth and stop hair loss by giving strength and vitality to the hair, which will be nourished in depth.

Want more fun? We have developed several ranges of gummies, suitable for everyone! Hair boost , for all busy presidents, Monsieur , dedicated to men's hair and beards, Mama , for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and Little president , for children aged 4 to 15! With this, you will definitely find what you are looking for!

So who takes charge of their hair?

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