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Protect your hair at night

Protéger ses cheveux la nuit

How to protect your hair at night?

Although you are tired, exhausted and exhausted after a hard day, you must not forget to take care of your hair before going to bed. You won't need to spend hours styling your hair in front of the mirror to take care of it. You just need to take the right actions and avoid the common mistakes we all make. So, before diving into the arms of Morpheus and spending a pleasant and restful night, here are some tips for protecting your hair at night. Quick and easy to adopt now!

Comb your hair if you have straight hair before going to sleep!

After spending hours on public transport and having accumulated a lot of stress, it is always better to take care of your dream hair before going to bed. To do this, remember to brush your hair starting from the ends and going up towards the roots, and all this gently. Not only will your hair detangle more easily afterwards, but this will also allow you to style it simply the next morning and this gesture helps nourish it. An important routine to adopt to protect your hair at night.

Brushing or combing your hair helps distribute natural oils from your scalp evenly throughout your hair. Some professionals will advise you to use a wide-toothed comb or better yet, a brush made from boar bristles. We can't say it enough: gently comb your hair so that it is healthy .

To protect your hair; avoid sleeping with wet hair

After a hard day, you have decided to wash your hair, this is a good thing except that you will have to avoid going to bed with your hair still wet. In addition to having a negative impact on your respiratory health, this can lead to significant hair loss. The hair will be weakened and will tend to break more easily. This precaution is valid for people with curly, frizzy, frizzy or even straight hair . So, if you have to wash your hair in the evening, you should make sure to dry it well before going to bed! What's more, sleeping with dry hair will give you optimal comfort.

Nourish your hair with a hair serum

You certainly appreciate the benefits of massaging your scalp before going to bed at night. And to benefit from the benefits of this treatment, do not hesitate to use a hair serum which will deeply nourish your hair. You can choose between a natural or Ayurvedic serum to take full advantage of the different benefits that this treatment will bring to your scalp. A nourishing serum will help you have healthy hair . The hair follicles will rejuvenate, which is perfect for stimulating hair growth and growth. You can also apply a small dab of serum to your lengths at night to prevent tangles and frizz and make your hair softer when you wake up.

At Madame la Presidente, we have the perfect serum to accompany you in the morning and evening in your hair routine. My Anti-Hair Loss Serum , Resolution No. 3 , is designed with active ingredients that will anchor the hair bulb in the scalp, reduce hair loss and therefore promote hair growth. Strength and density are yours!

Anti-hair loss serum Resolution number 3 hair care

Another tip, to nourish your hair, consider diluting aloe Vera gel with a little water to use it as a natural serum. You can apply it to your scalp and massage gently.

Massage the scalp before going to sleep

We are sure you enjoy this moment at the hairdresser where he massages your hair? Why not treat yourself to this pleasure even while being at home! Before going to bed at night, consider massaging your scalp. This will relax you on the one hand but on top of that, this gesture, however harmless it may be, will stimulate blood circulation, thus nourishing the hair follicles. By doing this simple gesture every evening, you will promote the growth of your hair while ensuring its health. What’s more, massaging your scalp will also have an effect on the quality of your sleep because you will be more relaxed!

Do a braid or pigtails before bed

Another tip, to protect your hair at night; protective hairstyle: braids and braids can also be worn at night, especially if you want to keep your hair natural. If you have long enough hair and want to avoid frizz when you wake up, the best way to do this is to opt for a braid or braids. Not only will this reduce the damage caused by friction on your pillows but in the meantime, you will avoid tangling your hair. You can also do them if you want to have a curly or wavy effect when you wake up without needing to use a curling iron. Curls will form naturally in the morning while avoiding the use of heat. This way, you'll avoid spending hours doing your hair before going to work or school.

The “Pineapple” technique to protect your curls while sleeping

If you don't have time to do pigtails or braids, you can opt for a high ponytail also called "pineapple" when you go to sleep at night. This is one of the hairstyles that will allow you to avoid damaging your curls while you sleep. However, make sure your pineapple is loose enough so as not to damage your hairline. In addition, this hairstyle will allow you to limit frizz, regain the shape of your hairstyle and limit moisture loss which is perfect for protecting your hair.

For more details on how to achieve this hairstyle, do not hesitate to watch Jenny Borrego 's video which will explain everything to you very simply.

Use dry shampoo to clean your scalp

For healthy hair, without a greasy and voluminous finish when you wake up, the best way to achieve this is to opt for a dry shampoo. This product is a faithful friend for your hair after it has been exposed to pollution. It absorbs excess sebum produced throughout the day at the scalp while providing freshness at the roots. Although this type of product is effective, it must be understood that its use must be done sparingly. Dry shampoo provides the freshness you need before bed, but it in no way replaces your hair washing routine.

Choose a satin pillowcase at night

To protect your hair when you sleep, consider replacing your cotton pillowcase with a satin pillowcase. Cotton absorbs the moisture produced by the hair, making it brittle, dull and dry. You can also opt for a satin or silk bonnet, perfect for taking care of your hair while avoiding damage and electrostatics!

Tips for protecting your hair before going to sleep

Put on a hat for the night

To protect your hair at night, it is recommended to wear a satin or silk cap. This will avoid friction between your hair and the fabric which will be softer when you wake up thanks to the satin or silk cap. You will no longer need to waste 30 minutes in the bathroom in the morning, wondering what you are going to do with your hair!

Avoid hairstyles that are too tight to protect your hair

Braids, buns, ponytails and the like should not be too tight when you go to sleep. Favor loose hairstyles when you are in bed. Pulling on your hair while you sleep will not only damage it but also cause other, more serious health problems. Most of the time, hairstyles that are too tight cause alopecia, which becomes a real problem over time.

To fight against alopecia, the Elixir Booster, Resolution n°4 is a perfect ally. In roll-on form, it promotes the regrowth of thinning areas and activates blood circulation in the scalp, to restore strength and vitality to the hair. To discover right here !
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