Our new hair products to fight against hair loss

Nos nouveaux produits capillaires pour lutter contre la chute

Something promised, something due: Madam President is releasing two new hair products to fight against hair loss and promote regrowth... New resolutions! ? Resolution No. 3 – My anti-hair loss serum will be your best ally against hair loss. Resolution No. 4 – Elixir booster, will quickly become your essential for regrowth of sparse areas. Together, these products will become THE winning combo for your hair routine. Fighting against alopecia and growing baby hair is the challenge of our new range.

We tell you everything about our two new babies!

Hair loss: why?

Hair loss, a scourge that we could do without... But that we all experience at some point in our lives. And for good reason ! The fall can be caused by many factors:

  • stress,

  • bad nutrition,

  • poor sleep,

  • nutrient deficiency(s),

  • unsuitable hair routine ,

  • hormonal variation (linked to pregnancy, seasonal changes, hormonal cycle, etc.)…

In short, the reasons are numerous and it is often difficult to put your finger on them. Loss is often stronger in autumn and spring, because this change of season induces a hormonal variation... And our hair suffers from it. Now, spring is coming! So now is the perfect time to test our two new hair products to combat hair loss! ?

novelty anti-hair loss serum madame la presidente Resolution No. 3, My Anti-Hair Loss Serum: THE hair product to fight against hair loss

If the action of Resolution No. 3 is extremely effective, it is because it addresses the problem at the root, by promoting the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp . Thus, the hair is strengthened from its base: goodbye to loss , hello to density !

And because a President has no time to waste, use is simple: one application per day... and that's it! 4 drops on your scalp and a gentle, circular massage with the pads of your fingers will be enough for you to see effects from the first weeks. And after 8 weeks of application, the number of hairs on your brush will have decreased significantly: can we bet? Resolution N°3 will be THE top 1 of your hair products to fight against hair loss!

roll-on novelty repels anti-fall madame la presidente Resolution No. 4, Roll-on Elixir booster, to promote regrowth

Do you want rapid regrowth at the temples or other bald areas? Resolution No. 4 is THE solution! Its action stimulates growth and its applicator allows you to target the areas that need it. As a bonus, the roll-on activates the blood circulation of the scalp , to restore strength and vitality to the hair!

And always super simple to use (but this time, you suspected it): two applications per day (morning and evening preferably) for baby hair in abundance! Here again, a gentle, circular massage is enough (no need to even put it on your fingers, the roll-on does all the work)! After 8 weeks, you will be able to admire these wonderful baby hairs that you have been hoping for so much! Isn't life beautiful?

Focus on our Capillum Fortis complex to combat hair loss and promote regrowth

Our exclusive Capillum Fortis complex is: cinnamon (promotes growth and opens the hair bulb), ginkgo biloba (stimulates the scalp) and kigelia (tonic, soothing, repairing). Thanks to these ingredients and other highly concentrated active ingredients, these two new products promote the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp. Thus, they limit loss, stimulate growth and give strength, vitality and density to the hair (because, you have understood, everything is linked!).

And of course, our formulas are always exclusive , vegan , Made in France and suitable for straight hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, frizzy/afro hair… In short, for all hair types ! And what’s more, they smell really good! What more ?

new products all types of anti-hair loss regrowth madame la presidente

Our other hair products to combat hair loss

And there you have it, you already know everything about our new favorites, which are already available! Courage, only a few more days to wait! And to take care of your hair without thinking about it from getting up to going to bed, opt for our great combo:

  • Resolution N°1 , our food supplements with 18 plants, vitamins and minerals, stimulate growth, reduce hair loss and give strength and vitality to hair, which is deeply nourished;

  • Resolution N°2 , our hair detox tea, cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair bulb, thus reducing loss.

  • And Resolution No. 3 and No. 4 … But you already know everything about these new hair products to fight against hair loss and promote growth! But to keep you waiting, are there any videos coming this evening on our Instagram account?

With this combo, your hair will look better than ever. And if you prefer candy, we also have a whole range of gummies, and there's something for everyone!

Hair boost , Mama for pregnant and breastfeeding women, Monsieur for men, and Little president for children! Who could feel forgotten? ?

So, tempted by these little treasures?
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