Powders to boost hair growth

Les poudres pour booster la pousse des cheveux

You loved our article on choosing anti-hair loss essential oils . You loved our article on choosing vegetable oils to stimulate growth. Today, we offer you without further delay: powder treatments to boost hair growth and limit hair loss! On the way !

madame la presidente benefits hair powders

Powders that boost hair growth: where do they come from?

Vegetable powders come from dried plants then ground very finely. The powder obtained can then be used in treatments. What could be simpler ? The same goes for mineral powders, such as clays: extraction, drying, grinding... The process is child's play. These explanations being short, we can get straight to business!

How do I choose my powders to boost my hair growth?

Plant powders to stimulate my hair growth

There are many plant-based powders, and their benefits are just as numerous! To help you see clearly, we'll take a look right away with our list of powders to boost hair growth and stimulate the scalp.

  • Plant powders to stimulate hair growth : amla, horsetail, ginseng, hibiscus, brahmi, fenugreek, kapoor kachli, shikakaï, moringa, etc.

And because we would never leave you like that, other little lists to help you.

  • Anti-hair loss plant powders: nettle, kapoor kachli, fenugreek, ginseng, amla, bhringaral, horsetail, etc.

  • Anti-dandruff vegetable powders: brahmi, hibiscus, kapoor kachli, neem, sidr, tulsi, shikakaï, etc.

  • Vegetable powders against oily hair : nagarmotha, reetha, nettle, rhassoul, horsetail, tulsi, etc.

  • Vegetable powders for dry hair and for defining curls : marshmallow, baobab (leaves and fruits), etc.

  • Washing powders: shikakaï, rhassoul, sidr, reetha, etc.

  • Powders for shine , volume and fortification : brahmi, kapoor kachli, fenugreek, nettle, shikakai, etc.

As a bonus: know that neem powder is very effective in preventing the appearance of lice! And as always, you can mix powders to enjoy the benefits of several at once. And because I don't want to overwhelm you with information, here is a more exhaustive list of the effects of the different powders !

madame la presidente benefits hair powders

Focus on henna to color all types of hair

Henna is a coloring vegetable powder, made from the grinding of the dried leaves of a plant ( Lawsonia inermis , for those curious). It has been used for centuries for the care and coloring of the skin... And hair!

Natural henna, in the form of green powder, is used for coloring, while neutral henna is used for shine and strengthening of the hair. Neutral henna is also a very good anti-dandruff agent and purifier for your scalp: 4-in-1, just the way we like it!

But be careful, even if it is suitable for all hair types, henna coloring is full of specificities and will depend in particular on your hair color, so it is important to prepare it well! Find all the information on coloring in our article dedicated to this subject!

The different clays to stimulate hair growth

Like plant powders, each clay will have specific benefits for your hair fiber! We will explain everything to you.

  • White clay against dandruff: your best ally in the fight against dandruff and cleaning the scalp. Its purifying properties will work miracles on your hair!

  • Red clay for vitality: rich in iron oxide, it will be perfect for limiting excess sebum which causes oily hair and bringing suppleness, vitality and volume to your hair.

  • Green clay against oily hair: very absorbent, green clay fights against excess sebum and purifies the scalp and hair fiber. In a treatment, it will be a very good washing powder.

  • Yellow clay for sensitive scalps: ideal for fragile hair, it is less aggressive than the others and will therefore gently purify your scalp (and we know how important gentleness is).

You can of course mix them to benefit from their multiple benefits on your hair. Thus, we obtain the well-known pink clay by mixing red clay and white clay: the best for fighting dandruff and invigorating the hair.

green clay hair benefits madame la presidente

Plant powders to promote hair growth: our DIY ideas

And because at Madam President, we never do things by halves, here are our two DIY powders to stimulate hair regrowth... Which are of course adaptable depending on the effects you want to see!

Powder shampoo to boost hair growth

What you need :

  • 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder

  • 3 tablespoons of sidr powder

  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera (moisturizing agent that will prevent powders from drying out your hair)

  • some water

How to proceed :

  • Mix your powders in a bowl.

  • Add water gradually, until you form a homogeneous and fairly thick paste.

  • Include aloe vera. The dough should be smooth and not very thick (without being liquid: find the right balance!).

  • If necessary, add a little more water to obtain the right texture.

  • Your powder shampoo to boost your hair growth is ready!

Apply it to your roots, and spread the excess over the lengths. Leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. No need to re-wash, you finish your routine: conditioner, moisturizer, a few drops of oil to seal in hydration... Without forgetting your food supplements! ? It’s your turn!

diy hair powder recipes madame la presidente

Powder mask to boost hair growth

The shampoo and the mask start from the same process: powders, a moisturizing agent and water! But since the mask is not intended for washing, you will be freer in the choice of powders, the action of which can focus more on growth. Let's go !

What you need :

  • 2 tablespoons of amla powder

  • 2 tablespoons of horsetail powder

  • 2 tablespoons of ginseng powder

  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera (which can be replaced by agave syrup, compote or yogurt for example)

  • 5 drops of Bay Saint-Thomas essential oil

  • some water

How to proceed :

Everything is the same as for shampoo: mix your powders in a small bowl, add water and finish by adding the aloe vera and essential oil.

Then, leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, you can then apply your usual shampoo. And there you have it, dreamy hair and on-flek growth!

benefits of hair powders Madam President

And there you have it, you know everything about powder treatments dedicated to hair growth! To support them, do not hesitate to turn to food supplements: they will boost the growth of your hair, reduce hair loss and give it strength and vitality. Opt for Resolution N°1 for global action on the beauty of your hair, or for Hair boost for +++ growth! If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we have created Mama for you, our gummies suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. And for men, Monsieur will be impeccable: removal of baldness and density of hair and beard, everything you need!

And new products are arriving on Monday... But can we tell you more on our social networks ?
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