The benefits of oats on hair

Les bienfaits de l'avoine sur les cheveux

Recipe with oatmeal

Oats have been making a comeback over the past 5 years among healthy influencers for their many nutritional qualities. But it is also excellent for hair. A perfect alternative to aloe vera gel, oat cream strengthens the hair and defines curls, we'll give you the recipe...⁠

The nutritional benefits of oats

Since the arrival of Instagram in our daily lives five years ago and the fashion for “eating well”, oats have regained their nobility. Popular with any self-respecting influencer, it can be found on every possible post as a garnish for sweet or savory compositions. Consumed in the form of flakes or a vegetable drink, this cereal rich in fiber and protein contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. Minerals which act respectively against stress and insomnia, strengthen the bones, improve the condition of the skin thanks to selenium and play a primordial role on bone density with the help of phosphorus. Little bonus! It prevents obesity by increasing the feeling of satiety, and it is gluten-free, magical!

Woman with long silky hair

The effects of oats on hair

In the form of milk that you can find in stores or of cream to make yourself, oats have nourishing, strengthening, soothing, detangling effects and it coats the curls.

In the form of a cream, it transforms into a conditioner, mask or leave-in, we give you the recipe just below:

You will need:⁠

  • 400 ml of water⁠

  • 4 tbsp. to s. oatmeal⁠

  • Put a saucepan containing 400 ml of water on the heat, and add the four tablespoons of oatmeal.⁠

  • Leave to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes to obtain a gelatinous texture. Stir occasionally to prevent the flakes from sticking to the bottom of the pan. ⁠

Turn off the heat, it's ready! ⁠

Filter the cream using a sieve into a clean container and leave to cool. You can then keep it in the refrigerator for 5 days.

Little tip: remove the layer of starch formed during cooking before filtering the cream.

Bonus: you can collect the filtered oats to make porridge.⁠

To take care of your hair from the inside out, there will always be Madam President's cures !

stalk of oats in the middle of a field

The little history of oats

According to archaeological excavations, the cultivation of this cereal has existed for two millennia. Considered a weed in antiquity, it was only in the Middle Ages that it was used as food... but for animals!

More difficult to cultivate than wheat, it was not until the 17th century in France that oats finally had the name they bear today, and were consumed by the population.

With this latest information, in addition to having beautiful hair , you will be able to shine in society!
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