The 8 beauty essentials for summer

Les 8 indispensables beauté de l'été

It's the month of August and summer means relaxation ! But lazing around in beauty! Madam President offers you advice on how to shine brightly on the beach!

1. Scrub scrub scrub!

Before any departure and exposure to the sun , you must visit the bathroom and the gentle body scrub that goes with it!

The exfoliation will allow you to remove all the dead skin and have skin ready for a nice tan !

And durable of course!

At Madam President, we are all fans of the coffee grounds scrub!

To exfoliate your entire body, we recommend:

  • 10 tbsp. to s. coffee grounds

  • 8 tbsp. to s. olive oil

Mix these 2 ingredients and hop in the shower! In addition to having an effective scrub, olive oil will nourish and soften your skin.

2. Self-tanner? Why not!

If you're like me and have fairly fair skin, I know you understand the self-tanner -before-lazing-on-the- beach urge that I have! I found the trick to having a light tanned complexion before my tan days! Thanks to this natural self-tanner recipe, your worries are over! ☀️ Take a nice ripe apricot that you will crush and mix with 2 teaspoons . Leave to macerate and filter this preparation.

Tadaaaaam! You can apply this mixture as a lotion to the skin after getting out of the shower!

3. Index 20, 30, 50...

On the beach we don't forget the BA-BA! Sunscreen ! We don't want to look like a crayfish from the first day of vacation, ladies, do we? Apply sunscreen with the index that seems best for your skin before each exposure to the sun! And don't forget to reapply it when you get out of the water!

Your skin will thank you a thousand! ?

4. Oiled hair? Of course !

And the hair ? We protect them too! Swimming pool + sea water + sun = A nightmare for our hair! As a result, they become dry and rough if they are not protected. Equip yourself with a sunscreen oil for your hair which will protect it from the sun and sea water ! A few splashes of oil, a bun on the head and off we go! Back from the beach we just want to wash up! We opt for a gentle shampoo because we tend to wash them more often because of the sand!

5. On the sand we look stylish!

To avoid burning our tender hair and avoid sunstroke , we put on our best straw hat and we are ready to enjoy the sun! Little extra that we love to wear on the beach! The wax turban ! Right after brushing my hair with oil and making my bun , I put on a beautiful, colorful turban before going into the water! And yes ! We even look stylish in the water!

6. Glou-Glou-Glou! Do you hear this noise?

It's the sound of water that you should drink as soon as you can! Don't forget to hydrate yourself! With exposure to the sun, your skin dries out twice as much and your body requires three times more water! HYDRATION ! Before, during and after the beach!

7. Hydration recipe

After a day in the sun, your skin needs hydration too! An after-sun cream will nourish and refresh your skin to bring it back down to room temperature. A natural fan, I have a recipe to make your after-sun at home!

  • 5 large spoons of aloe vera gel

  • 2 tbsp. to s. coconut oil

  • 1 C. to s. carrot oil

  • 1 C. to s. monoi oil

With the smell of monoi huuum... a delight for your skin!

8. Enjoy!

Laugh, dance, tan and let your hair waltz before school starts! When you return from vacation, your hair will perhaps look a little woozy after all the excesses of the vacation! This will be the right time to deeply nourish them with Resolution N°1 and detoxify them with Resolution N°2 ! A real boost to get going again!

Very happy holidays, Presidents!

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