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The 7 hairstyles for this summer to absolutely try

Les 7 coiffures pour cet été à tester absolument

Summer has finally arrived? ; festival season?, parties?, happy hours with colleagues? or simply a vacation⛱️... The best time of the year when you don't necessarily want to do your hair and at the same time you want to be the most original! This article is for you, if you are looking for an original hairstyle for this summer to absolutely try. Within the Madam President team, we already have our hairstyles for this summer and you?

Summer hairstyles, the glamorous blow-dry of the 90's:

glamorous blow-dry of the 90's madame la presidente

Yes, for some time now, the 90's/2000's have been making a comeback, even in hairstyles. If you're lucky to already have long hair , do n't hesitate to adopt the glamorous 90s blow -dry technique. Popularized by model Cindy Crawford, this technique looks particularly beautiful when cut in layers . This cut can achieve stunning vintage volume with a very feminine and elegant vibe . To dry long , naturally curly hair , simply apply a little Curl Definer , then diffuser-dry your mane , lifting the roots. Otherwise , straight hair will need a curling iron , or a hair straightener to achieve this hairstyle .

Summer hairstyles: bubble ponytails:

Bubble ponytail trendy summer hairstyle 2022

The “bubble” comes in different ways. It has survived the seasons and is not ready to be forgotten. So we dare, we decline...

Summer hairstyles, double ponytails braids:

Double ponytails braids summer hairstyle

The hairstyle of our childhood; We are sure that in your primary school photo album you have a photo with two braids. Is this the “cute” hairstyle? perfect to redo when you're older by breaking with a "boyish" style of clothing for example.

Summer hairstyles, k notless braids:

knotless braids summer trendy hairstyles

Very popular in recent years, knotless braids are perfect for this summer as long as you take care of them because even if you do braids, you must not neglect your scalp and your ends . For your scalp, My Resolution No. 3 anti-hair loss serum will be perfect to accompany you all summer ☀️. It will promote the anchoring of the hair bulb in the scalp and help with growth.

Summer hairstyles, the marley twist

marley twist summer hairstyle

Just like “knotless braids”, it’s a very fashionable hairstyle that gives a great effect when it’s “old”. The older this hairstyle gets, the BETTER the result will be!

Summer hairstyles, the unstructured shag:

shag madame presidente

Popularized by the star of the series “Wednesday” – Jenna Ortega, the shag cut is today adored for its effortless chic side. Very degraded and disheveled, this year it is adopted in mid-lengths which bring it closer to the mullet (yes yes it's in fashion again don't you dream?). Again, this is a cut that is excellent for restoring volume to fine, flat hair with a few swipes of the scissors. Moreover, its rock side will give you pep and character! Do we love it?

Summer hairstyles, headwraps:

Locs and scarf headwraps hairstyle for summer

In the team, there are more than one of us who want to do locks! The locks plus scarf combo, the little twist for this summer that’s all the rage.?‍♀️

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