HOCUS POCUS CUCURBITACEE: the magic formula for beautiful hair!

HOCUS POCUS CUCURBITACEE : pour de beaux cheveux !
Glory to witches this Halloween season, but not to their hair...

Since the dawn of time, the witch has embodied the sensual, powerful and independent woman in the collective imagination. That’s why she scared…men! Yet looking closely, today it is this woman that we would like to resemble, except for one detail... Her hair . It seems that they didn't know about cucurbits !

Adorned with a hennin, a pointed hat symbolizing the bell towers in its time, the witches' hair resembles a long mop of hair, bushy , tangled , wiry and dull .

We totally agree ! We don't want to have to fight every morning with this bunch of tifs! This is where cucurbit comes in, our magic formula for beautiful hair . Tadam!


Cucurbit for an in & out routine

I'll give you its sweet taste (Yumi!), the hundred varieties of cucurbit that you find on the stalls of your market and which will bring you a whole bunch of good things for your health, vitamins A, B2 and C for energy, a nice dose of minerals like phosphorus and magnesium to have strong bones, and a pinch of beta-carotene, just to look good. And all this for some 26 calories per 100 grams, we don't deprive ourselves of it. Go to the market, bring back kilos of pumpkins , squash or butternut …IT’S GOOD FOR YOU! This is to take care of yourself from the inside .

Now we move on to external care and focus on the benefits of pumpkins on our hair.

Pumpkin is the ideal ally for our hair! Particularly pumpkin seed oil which, according to numerous researches, helps people with mild to moderate alopecia .

If you suffer from the syndrome of sad , dull hair lacking vitality , pumpkin should be included in your homemade hair masks.

Especially in oil form because, as you know, oils are magic for hair care . Apply it to your hair in an oil bath and massage the scalp, slowly, slowly (take some time for yourself!). Pumpkin oil not only helps fight seasonal hair loss, but also helps you regain very shiny hair thanks to its richness in fatty acids , vitamin E and selenium .

Come on, let's get practical with a little DIY, just for you:

Pumpkin seed oil hair mask recipe

Stop! Where do we find this? In almost all organic stores. Phew, easy!

In a bowl you mix:

2 tbsp pumpkin seed oil

You heat the oil with steam

You let it cool for 5 minutes (you won't forget that, promise?)

Then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

You apply the preparation by massaging the hair scalp for 5 to 10 minutes for good blood circulation in the scalp. Just time to sip another magical and delicious beverage made by Madam President…Resolution No. 2 My Organic Hair Detox Tea

Finally, either you wash your hair with Resolution n°5 My Strengthening & Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo to choose according to the texture of your hair, or you leave the potion to act overnight to wash your hair in the morning. If you opt for the “I leave it on all night” formula, don’t forget to wear something satin.

A seed oil to strengthen hair

The amount of pumpkin seed oil depends on the length of your hair, the longer and/or thicker it is, the more you use #thegoodsnearyou ?. The treatment should be used two to three times a month, depending on the condition of your hair. If you're experiencing slow growth , increase the number of uses per month or add another natural super oil, like mustard oil . It is found in the same place.

These oils have an excellent reputation for strengthening hair and providing strength and vitality . You can therefore integrate them in addition to a course of food supplements Resolution n°1 or Hairboost for example.

So whether for a quick treatment before a Halloween party, or to maintain lioness hair in the longer term. Don't hesitate for 30 seconds, a quick trip to the market to pick your cucurbit , a trip to the organic store next door and that's it!

This year again, the pumpkin is of course in the spotlight for Halloween , as a decorative accessory and as a food to remind us that we are slowly approaching the end of the year.

But now you know that you can also use pumpkin to strengthen your hair and give it some pep during this winter transition period. No time to find your way, Madam President suggests that you spend the evening with your hair mask on your head as a costume. Are we going too far?

Are you already a pumpkin fan? Share your best recipes with us in the comments. Because pumpkin is as good inside as out!

We'll see you soon for new shares.
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