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What hair colors to adopt in fall?

Quelles couleurs de cheveux à adopter en automne?

In autumn, the colors of the leaves change.

What if you changed your hair color too?!

Summer is over with the reflections of the sun on our hair?

now it’s time for fall and warm colors! ?‍♀️

For you, ladies, we have found the 3 hair colors to adopt urgently!

Red to boost the radiance of your complexion

The red color is the fall color par excellence!

A true classic!

And honestly, we LOVE IT!

Copper red , mahogany red , orange red or even auburn red … there are a multitude of shades of red to choose from, you will definitely find something that suits you!

However, light red and ash red stand out.

What if we dared too? ?

Golden blonde for a healthy glow

Golden blonde is the most fashionable color this fall according to Elle Magazine .

Not very surprising... it reminds us of summer, aaaah summer ☀️... this season that we all appreciate and which is now far behind us #Nostalgia

So ladies, if you want to make summer last on your mane ,

We recommend the goooold blonde!

Brown to make your eyes stand out

Great classic! According to legend, brunettes don't count as plums?

Brown is a safe bet for hair during fall.

Chocolate, honey or even cocoa color, there too, there are a multitude of shades of brown.

But to be on trend, go for a dark brown !

In the Madam President team there are only brunettes! ?

Little advice for you Presidents:

Coloring pigments are particularly sensitive to light and heat, which dry out the hair fiber and accelerate the oxidation of your color, making it fade much faster.

So avoid using any heating appliance like your hairdryer ...let your hair air dry, it will do it good!

Also, when the sun comes out (yes I grant you this event is extremely rare at the moment but not impossible)?, put on a hat or cap to protect them from UV rays.

Last but not least : Wash your hair twice a week maximum, because yes, the more you wash your hair, the more the artificial color bleeds and the more quickly you have to recolor it .

Finish with a good jet of cold water to close the hair cuticles and preserve your color for a long time.

Do you know our little trick? Resolution No. 2 Beauty Queen in rinsing water to nourish your hair!

Reminder for the recipe :

Boil 1L of water and pour in a large handful of Resolution N°2

Leave to cool (Don’t burn your head!)

Pass the water through a sieve to remove the leaves before transferring it to a bottle.

And the little natural tip!

Coloring unfortunately damages our hair… we love it but our hair suffers!

Promote natural and organic coloring!

Henna and beetroot are also a great alternative to natural coloring!


You are now armed to have the most beautiful coloring!

It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

But don't forget to dare, we are Presidents, everything suits us!
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