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How to have beautiful skin for summer?

Comment avoir une belle peau pour l'été ?
Aaaah the sun, the heat, the tanned skin and the long days by the pool!
Summer is coming slowly but surely and to welcome it with perfect skin , clear skin full of vitality, we have to prepare it!

How to prepare your skin for the sun?

Here are some little tips to reproduce at home to take care of your skin in summer. ☀️

Perfect skin: temperature changes weaken it.

When temperature changes, the skin often takes a hit. Between the wind, the high heat and the sun, in summer our skin also suffers. You will tell me, but how to obtain clear skin ? No worries with a few very simple tips you can find perfect skin. And who doesn’t dream of that? #Weloveit?
Protect your skin from the sun:
As in winter, in summer, our skin is sensitized by climatic aggressions. Some skin becomes sensitive to the sun . Most of the time, this sensitivity results in skin that turns red and/or a feeling of discomfort. However, this is not really a reaction to the sun but rather a thermal sensitivity. Did you know that UV rays from the sun are actually cold (it's infrared rays that heat up) and do not cause a burning sensation. So to properly protect your skin from the sun , protect it with an anti-UV cream or sunscreen.

Get perfect skin with HY-DRA-TA-TION

Preparing your skin well is essential! The more love you give to your skin, the more it will give back to you. So give him some love! ?We all know that hydration contributes enormously to having perfect skin . So feed her as much as possible! To do this, you can use a cream made from shea butter. Find a multitude of items to take care of your skin in our skincare category.

What is the best way to hydrate your skin?

If you have very dry skin, an emollient cream that will provide intense hydration will be appropriate for your epidermis which tends to dehydrate more quickly. Be careful if you have olive or dark skin, it remains more sensitive to dehydration and spots. Your skin therefore requires specific products to moisturize and treat it, like shea butter for example.
Do not forget ! Before applying your moisturizer , exfoliate in the shower to prepare your skin for your cream. ?
Little ultra-simple recipe for a natural scrub that will make your skin as soft as a baby's bottom:

President's Exfoliant: the recipe

Blend :

  • 7 tablespoons of coffee grounds, which is a natural exfoliant

  • 6 tablespoons of olive oil, which will hydrate your skin as much as possible

Perform light rotations on your skin so as not to damage it: this is the first step to having perfect skin before summer! To perfect your skin texture and have clear skin before summer, you can also start a few months (3 months to have significant effects) before a course of food supplements. That's good, because Madam President is offering you a cure of gummies specially designed for the skin: THE PURE CURE . These skin gummies are made from pale rose petal powder, vitamin C, nettle leaves and finally pomegranate. They will revive your skin and make it clearer! ?

the benefits of carrots on the skin:

Have perfect skin before summer

The carrot? , our best friend for the summer?

Indeed, it has a reputation for giving you a healthy glow, as well as beautiful skin , and the legend is true!
Rich in beta carotene, this food that is good for the skin has the advantage of giving the skin a nice tanned complexion. We eat carrots in summer in all kinds of ways!
BUT NOT ONLY ! At Madam President, we have the IDEAL recipe to apply directly to your skin. ?

Carrot Elixir by Madame La Présidente: The recipe

We blend :

  • 6 tablespoons of carrot oil

  • 5 tablespoons of apricot oil which will boost the radiance of your skin

Apply this mixture a few days before exposure to the sun. (Please note, this elixir does not replace sunscreen, which is very important for your skin).
That was Step 2 to have perfect skin before summer ✨.

What foods are good for perfect skin?

And here is Step 3, one of the most important!
As mentioned previously, the carrot will be your best ally!
Diet should not be neglected and we will favor vitamins C and E.
We will find them in tomatoes, apricots, mangoes, sweet potatoes and even oranges. ??
We don't forget the essential fatty acids which will promote skin regeneration. Fish such as sardines or salmon contain a lot of it.

And I repeat, don't forget to protect your skin with an index 50 sunscreen for light skin and an index 30 for dark skin, when exposed to the sun! ☀️
These will slow down premature aging of the skin due to the harmful effects of UV rays.
And of course, we don't want to look like a red crayfish with the tip of our nose and back burned from the sun! #coupdesoleil
Psst your hair also needs to be pampered in summer!! Just like your skin, your hair needs care and hydration. And what better way to protect your hair than your In and Out by Madam President routine. With this routine you can take care of your skin and hair from the inside and the outside. Find shampoo, mask, serum, supplement or gummies on our site but also tea to take care of yourself just before summer. Beautiful skin and beautiful hair guaranteed!
Discover, for example , Resolution No. 1 , which will give your skin and your hair everything they need to shine like the sun... Well, not your skin, eh? And there you are, you are now ready to welcome summer as it should be! Don't miss any opportunity to get your legs out! #Proudpresident?‍♀️
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