Idées coiffures

4 easy hairstyle ideas for Halloween

4 idées de coiffures faciles pour Halloween

Yes, we are in lockdown again. But Madam President is offering you an original Halloween... at home! Photos, video calls... Why deprive yourself of partying?! For the occasion, we offer you 4 easy hairstyle ideas for Halloween, ideal to take your mind off things... and save your day in case you run out of inspiration!

Halloween Pumpkin

Backcombed hair

First easy hairstyle idea for Halloween: let your hair down, backcomb it... You're ready! Witch, ghost, this hairstyle adapts to all last minute disguises! But be careful, you don't crepe it willy-nilly, at the risk of damaging them.

  • Before combing your hair, give it a little softness with a nourishing treatment !

  • For backcombing, choose a comb with wide teeth and be gentle so as not to attack the hair fiber.

  • When your carriage turns into a pumpkin again, detangle your hair after washing it: be careful, do not brush your dry hair, it risks breakage. To make detangling easier, apply conditioner if possible (and why not a little oil before washing)!

Halloween backcombed hair

Curly quilts

Cheerleader or Harley Queen, opt for two stylized duvets: ideal for curly hair. For this hairstyle, we advise you to work your curls well so that they are well defined and bouncy. For this, nothing better than a twist out! Follow the leader :

  • Before going to bed, apply vanilla all over your hair. Great class guaranteed!

  • The next day when you wake up, undo them... It's finished! Easy, quick: you define your curls while you sleep. What more ?

For more volume, do not hesitate to gently lift your roots using a comb. With such a mane, you could even dress up as a lioness!

Halloween Harley Quinn

Two-tone buns

Our list of easy Halloween hairstyle ideas continues with one ideal for textured hair: two-tone buns. Quick, effective, the double bun will go with many costumes, from the sea pirate to the possessed little girl! Let your imagination be free.

To avoid damaging your hair, forget about low-end hairspray-based dyes! Instead, choose wax: a colored wax that respects the hair fiber, can be applied in ten minutes and is very easy to wash. A bun of each color and that’s it: an original hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Bonus : wax is also perfect for styling boyish cuts.

If you only have hairspray on hand, don't panic: after rinsing it, apply a moisturizing treatment to your hair so that it forgives you for this moment of confusion!

The classic Wash and Go

Finally, for people lacking ideas for easy hairstyles for Halloween with frizzy hair, why not simply opt for a Wash and Go ? This great classic goes with everything and can be decorated with spooky accessories! Perfect when you have neither the time nor the inspiration for an elaborate hairstyle. You'll be ready in no time!

Halloween Wash and go

As you can see, even when you're in a hurry, the possibilities are numerous! And if you want to boost your hair after these hair adventures, opt for our Hair Boost gummies: these vitamin candies stay on theme, perfect for prolonging Halloween while taking care of yourself! And for the occasion, we have prepared a little competition for you on Instagram!

So, trick or treating?!

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