How to stop hair loss?

Comment faire pour stopper la chute de cheveux ?

How to stop hair loss?

Stopping hair loss is a concern that affects all women as well as men at different times in their lives.

These periods, more or less long, can be a source of stress and lead to a loss of self-confidence .

However, there are many tips that can help stop hair loss and this is what we will cover in this article.

How to stop hair loss?

Stress, pollution, emotional shock, poor diet, climate change, or even childbirth, are all factors that can lead to hair loss in women.

Unlike men, female alopecia is generally transient unless there is a hereditary disease . In men, we rather speak of baldness , which is mainly determined by heredity. Baldness is an irreversible process that affects nearly one in two men, compared to only 2% of women. It is nevertheless possible to slow down the baldness process, particularly with our Monsieur gummies which are rich in biotin , PABA , vitamin B3 , bamboo extract and other nutrients . Monsieur will act on your hair but also on the growth and health of your beard .

When a woman loses her hair, there is no need to panic, because there are many solutions to stop hair loss . The chances of regrowth are close to 100%, but you still need to know the origin of the loss and the different solutions to remedy it.

This is why, in this article, we will see 5 tips to apply when you lose your hair profusely.

  • don't stress

  • change your hair routine

  • massage the scalp

  • take food supplements

  • adopt a healthy lifestyle

How to stop hair loss in women

Stress, a factor leading to hair loss

First of all, you should know that hair loss is a completely normal process. In fact, we lose on average 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you go beyond this stage, we will then speak of hair loss , or even alopecia .

One of the first factors that can lead to heavy and rapid hair loss is stress . Stress will cause a hormonal upheaval which will directly or indirectly affect the hair growth cycle.

If you are stressed, do not hesitate to practice an activity that allows you to reduce this period of stress to 0, whether by doing meditation , boxing , sport in general or quite simply an activity that can have an impact on you. a soothing or calming effect .

Changing your hair routine helps limit hair loss

When you lose your hair, it is essential to pay attention to the products you use and review them if they are no longer suited to the needs of your hair. Therefore, favor active ingredients with anti-hair loss and growth-boosting properties, and turn to natural cosmetics as much as possible.

Here are some examples of ingredients with anti-hair loss and growth- promoting properties:

  • avocado vegetable oil

  • castor vegetable oil

  • stinging nettle (powder or leaf)

  • Atlas Cedar essential oil

  • zinc

  • biotin

  • rocket

  • provitamin B5

If you want to adapt your routine and use a routine for hair loss, Madam President offers you avegan routine ; from supplements to styling products , including treatments and care . Discover our vegan products and do a hair diagnosis to have a routine adapted to your needs and problems.

Self-massage of the scalp helps reduce hair loss

Scalp massage helps stimulate micro blood circulation , leading to better absorption of vitamins by the hair bulb .

The more the bulb is nourished, the more it will give rise to healthier hair. This hair will then be stronger, more resistant to external shocks and will live longer.

A 3-minute self-massage daily stimulates hair growth and slows hair loss .

Dietary supplements reduce alopecia

In order to be healthy, hair needs to be nourished from the outside (thanks to appropriate care), but also from the inside , thanks to our diet .

If it is sometimes (or often) difficult to eat a diet rich in iron , vitamins and minerals , taking food supplements turns out to be a real boost! They provide the body with targeted nutrients quickly and in high doses.

This is why, at Madam President , we have created food supplements that stimulate growth and slow down hair loss .

Our hair supplements are to be taken for 3 to 6 months and are rich in:

  • B group vitamins which stimulate hair growth , slow down hair loss

  • Stinging nettle which will stimulate blood circulation and stop hair loss

  • Zinc and Iron will help fight hair loss

Treatments to combat hair loss Madam President

Adopting a healthy lifestyle slows down hair loss.

Having a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet helps reduce stress, and therefore, acts on hair loss.

Here are some tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis:

  • Sleep early and at regular times to fight fatigue and promote cell renewal

  • Have a varied and balanced diet; discover numerous nutritional advice on the website

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day

  • Play sports to relieve stress

So, you have the main keys that will help you stop hair loss ! It's up to you :)
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