Repair dry hair

Réparer les cheveux secs

Rough, dull, brittle, weakened or split ends, there is no doubt that your hair is dry and/or damaged. Do not panic ! If you have lost all hope of seeing them healthy again and are considering cutting everything off; rest assured ! Madam President gives you some little tips to help you repair your dry and damaged hair and regain sublime hair.

How to treat dry and damaged hair?

Hair dryness warning! It's quite simple, your hair has completely transformed into a haystack. It's time to take action.

A priori, when your skin is dry, it is a sign that it is lacking in water. To perk it up, it is often enough to give it the right drink (like a good moisturizing cream). But the story is not written the same way for dry hair. If they are dried out , it is not because they lack water but because they indicate the fragility of the hair shaft , a lack of sebum secretion (which protects the hair) or even that they suffer from external aggression.

And to repair them, you must not neglect any step. Stop dry hair, we have the solution!

Space out the shampoos

Dry hair how to repair it

It is very bad to wash your hair too frequently. In the long term, the scalp becomes fragile and dries out.

The ideal? Shampoo every three days to preserve the quality of the hair and prevent breakage. For those who have a lot of inconveniences and who also have oily roots (it happens), a little dry shampoo or a pretty bun on the third day and that's it!

You probably already know that repeated “chemical” coloring can also damage your hair! Even if we can't help but think of the beautiful highlights they will give us, frequently coloring your hair will accentuate its dry nature . So try to space out the applications as much as possible.

Take care of your hair

If you have damaged hair, don't hesitate to do everything you can to pamper it. Make a mask once or twice a week to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair . Speaking of nutrition, My Nutri-active Resolution No. 6 Madam President mask is perfect for deeply nourishing the hair fiber and strengthening the hair. It is silicone-free, paraben-free and is made up of 97.6% ingredients of natural origin.

My nutri-active mask Resolution number 6 Madam President

After your mask, use a moisturizing and/or nourishing cream to enhance, hydrate the surface and nourish the lengths.

A good serum or oil on the hair will allow you to seal in the hydration provided to the hair so that it remains in your hair fiber. Your hair will quickly appear more supple, less rough, in short, more beautiful! On the other hand, if you have an oily scalp , stick to an application on the lengths, paying particular attention to the ends.

Rinse without damaging

Too often neglected, the “rinsing” step is nevertheless essential to combat dry hair!

The procedure is simple: rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm or even cold water! Hot water, although pleasant, deeply damages the hair and rids it of the sebum that protects it.

Second step: say goodbye to limescale. To combat dry hair, rinsing water will be a very good ally! It helps neutralize the limescale which attacks and dries your hair and rebalances the PH of the hair.

Our recipe: Brew your Hair detox tea then let it cool. Then apply the rinse to your hair before getting out of the shower. The video recipe is right here !

Say goodbye to the hair dryer to repair dry hair

A hair dryer is very practical, we agree but we must recognize that it is not ideal if your hair is already dry by nature. Heat opens the scales, weakens the hair and generally gives an even more obvious foamy effect on dry hair. Wash them and let them dry in the open air after wringing them out in a towel, preferably microfiber (be careful: do not rub them, as you risk weakening them). If it is unthinkable for you to abandon the hairdryer routine, get into the habit of applying a heat-protective treatment to all of your hair which will act as a shield. And select cold mode.

Best care for dry and damaged hair

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