Caring for children's hair

Prendre soin des cheveux des enfants

The children run, play, get excited...Tangle their hair and get dirty, much to our dismay! Their scalp is still fragile, so there is no question of applying the same routine to them as us! Madam President has carried out her investigation and therefore explains to you how to take care of children's hair!

Nourishing and moisturizing care for children's hair take care of children's hair

Like us, taking care of children's hair starts with hydration and nutrition. But be careful, the watchword will be simple: no question of overdoing it! Indeed, little ones have skin and scalp that are still fragile, this specificity must be taken into account.

    • To moisturize, aloe vera gel from the roots to the ends after washing, a few drops of vegetable oil to seal in the hydration and that's it! Dry, frizzy and frizzy hair will also appreciate a spray of water or hydrosol from time to time (perfect in the evening before styling, to facilitate detangling).

The ideal hydrosols for children and their sensitive skin : witch hazel, rose, chamomile, orange blossom…

    • To nourish, opt for a spray; add a little vegetable oil (2 tablespoons for 50 cl of water or hydrosol). From 6 years old, you can also choose a more in-depth treatment with shea whipped cream . To complete this treatment, you can apply a detangling milk or cream, essential for damaged, frizzy or frizzy hair.

Wash children's hair

Here again, you shouldn't overdo it: taking care of children's hair means not attacking it with too many products.

Wash gently

One wash per week is often sufficient.

Choose a gentle shampoo, appropriate for their age and without endocrine disruptors (phthalate, paraben and silicone). Gently massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers (be careful, don't use your nails... And this advice also applies to you!) for a minute and rinse. Don't forget the conditioner, which will facilitate detangling and contribute to the nutrition and hydration of the hair.

Another option: powder shampoo , which will be adapted to the specific needs of your child's hair. And as Madam President is generous, she offers you the recipe: water and a teaspoon of washing powder ! Yes that's all ! Mix everything to obtain a more or less thick texture depending on your preferences. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse. Powder shampoo may not lather, but it will be just as effective as the others, and very gentle on children!

Powders suitable for children's hair: reetha powder or green clay for oily hair, peony powder or white clay for sensitive scalps, sidr powder for damaged, brittle hair... The possibilities are numerous! For dehydrated hair, you can add one to two teaspoons of aloe vera.

Dry without damaging

And of course, essential advice for each item: abolish the hair dryer and other heating appliances. For children even more than for us, they are unnecessarily aggressive. In case of emergency, take care to select the coldest temperature (yes, you will still need to be patient).

For drying, use a microfiber towel which will gently dry your little President's hair. You can also sacrifice a cotton t-shirt: the effect will be the same, the smell of mom or dad as a bonus, ideal for the little ones!

Be careful of friction: avoid wringing, prefer to let the hair dry to limit knots. dry children's hair

Styling children's hair

You have understood, the watchword of this article is “gentleness”. Doing children's hair is sometimes a nightmare: screaming, crying, knots and hysterics, we all want to avoid that!

brushing children's hair care

Detangling: your nightmare, our solutions

Let's summarize the essential points that we have just covered for easy detangling: hydration, nutrition, conditioner, gentle drying.

The foundations are already laid, let's get down to business:

    • favor detangling on wet or damp hair (after a shower, or after a spray which will soon become your best friend),

    • detangle first with your fingers,

    • use a brush adapted to your child's hair type, with soft bristles before 1 year of age, and with rounded bristles up to 4 years of age.

Hair styling: the anti-tangle essential

Your child no longer has a knot and the styling stage arrives: don't panic, you've done the hardest part. To avoid the inevitable (tangles!), protective hairstyles are essential. It is an integral part of a children's hair care routine. Nothing complicated: opt for a braid (the smoother it is, the less risk the hair will get tangled), a high ponytail, vanilla... The important thing is that the hair is up. Less work for you, less problems for them: everyone is happy. Try to vary your hairstyles so as not to damage fine hair by always tying it in the same way.

Finally, avoid industrial gel and favor linen gel or wax, which is less aggressive.

protective hairstyle children

You will have understood, simplicity is the key to taking care of children's hair. Don't overdo it, tie them up to avoid knots, and everything will be fine. To complete this already solid routine, you can turn to the Little President gummies, for children aged 4 and over. These vitamin candies in the shape of a bear and with a good strawberry flavor will provide your little presidents with all the minerals and vitamins they need for strong health and sublimated hair. Stronger, more beautiful hair in just one step!
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