My curl definer: a Madame la Présidente x Petit Bout de Soleil collaboration

Mon définisseur de boucles : collab Madame Présidente & Petit Bout de Soleil

My curl definer: a Madame la Présidente x Petit Bout de Soleil collaboration

The favorite styling treatment for all curly, frizzy and frizzy hair created by Madame la Présidente and Petit Bout de soleil , one of the most recognized content creators in Martinique!

Find My curl definer in your bathroom :)

Madam President Curl Definer

Why this collaboration and creating My Curl Definer?

The idea for My Curl Definer was born from friendly love at first sight between Meriem , the founder of Madame La Présidente , and Sandrine , better known under the pseudonym Petit Bout de Soleil, one of the most well-known and recognized content creators from Martinique . Both have the same desire: to make proud all those who have curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.

Together, they imagined their ideal product , their dream formula , their complicit treatment .

It took 2 years and multiple trials to arrive at My Curl Definer , the perfect product to enhance all types of curls. A product with a unique texture with a sweet scent of sunshine .

What are the benefits of My Curl Definer?

My Curl Definer allows you to obtain soft, bouncy and shiny curls . It limits shrinkage, hair regains volume and curls are more relaxed .

It has a unique texture : half-creamy, half-gel which allows the product to glide over the hair and be easy to use . It is effective from the first use!

Its formula with 98.2% ingredients of natural origin combines a synergy of highly concentrated active ingredients:

    • Acai oil nourishes, revives, protects and softens hair

    • Jojoba oil restores shine and suppleness to hair

    • Inulin naturally nourishes, softens and disciplines hair

    • Glycerin , with its strong moisturizing power, protects and softens the hair

Its deliciously sunny scent makes it a pleasure and addictive encounter.

curl definer Madam President

How to apply our styling cream?

After rinsing your mask , My curl definer is applied section by section, from the lengths to the ends, on damp or dry hair. You can apply it alone or after your leave-in.

You can use the “ praying method ” or the “ raking method ” to apply the product to your locks.

A little tip from chefs : once the product is applied, place your head down and “ scrunch ”. Dries in the open air or with a diffuser .

And There you go :)

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