Les coups de cœur de Madame La Présidente

A Christmas list fit for a President

La liste de Noël digne d'une Présidente

Christmas is fast approaching and like every year, are you starting to get excited about starting the quest for the ideal gift for your dear and loving President? Because we know that the task is complicated, we'll give you a little help.

Madam President is for household peace: A relaxed man, a fulfilled woman. Will you thank us later?

A Christmas list fit for a President

✨ Beauty products: pamper your President and give her a moment of relaxation to take care of herself.

1. Who says you can't give your hair gifts for Christmas? Madam President offers you a range of entirely natural products to take care of your mane. We've even put together special boxes for this season! Madam President, from €29.00

2. N'dolo and Fipagrass infusions, poetic teas and infusions based on natural ingredients. Yoli's Secrets

Books: Because she may be a busy president, your sweetheart may also want to rest and for that there's nothing like a good book by the fire.

1. To awaken the feminist within her, because we are not born a woman, we become one. Fnac, €10.40

2. A collection of beauty tips based on flowers, fruits, plants, herbs and essential oils for authentic products... because you are never better served than by yourself! Fnac, €14.95

✨ Jewelry: Both elegant and simple, jewelry is always a nice gift that Presidents love to collect!

1. Madame ring. Madam President, it's you, it's us. Mr Simone, €49.00

2. Madame bracelet, to offer with the pretty matching ring or separately! Mr Simone, €59.00

3. Calliope bracelet, sober and minimalist for the muses of poetry. Hornica, €38.25

4. Calliope necklace, to match the bracelet to brighten up your outfit. Hornica, €42.50

5. V necklace, a pretty piece of jewelry made in France with a geometric design. Leticia Ponti, €65.00

6. Arrow ear cuff, they will make people jealous! Leticia Ponti, €75.00

7. Creoles Caesar, who said you had to be a man to become emperor? Come here. Archibald, €55.00

8. Nera Marine comb, for an elegant touch. Guillemette House, €60.00

9. Gold turban, to brighten up your outfit! Maison Guillemette, €55.00

10. Black gold spike ornament, discreet and refined to add a poetic touch. Maison Guillemette, €85.00

So, what do you choose?

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