How to take care of children's hair

Comment s'occuper des cheveux des enfants
It often happens that we look back on our childhood with nostalgia at certain times of the year, particularly when the end of the year is upon us. Those times when we ran and played for hours without an ounce of worry. To get our hair tangled and dirty, much to our delight. To the great dismay of our parents. Today, the roles have changed. It is up to us to take care of our children. When we see the job it is, we say to ourselves that we were mean to our parents. On the other hand, when it comes to hair, we are more prepared to take care of it. Or not. That's why we decided at Madam President's to give you some tips for taking care of your children's hair . Or those of your nephews and nieces #lameilleurtatadumonde .?

Breaking news: children's hair needs hydration and nutrition ! You already knew it ? Yes, it's more of a re-news than a shocking piece of information. Like us adults, children need to combine hydration and nutrition in their care. The specificity that differentiates us is the fragility of their skin and scalp . It's all still a bit fragile so there's no question of going through a ton of maintenance. The watchword will beé !

Wash and dry gently

One wash per week is often sufficient

We recommend that you choose a gentle shampoo , appropriate for your age and without endocrine disruptors (phthalate, paraben and silicone). Gently massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers for one minute before rinsing. Don't forget the conditioner , which will facilitate detangling and contribute to the nutrition and hydration of the hair.

DIY fan? We continue the long list of recommendations.

Don't hesitate to make cleansing treatments adapted to the specific needs of your child's hair. Powder shampoos , nothing could be simpler and as Madam President is generous, she offers you the recipe: water, a teaspoon of aloe vera and a teaspoon of washing powder! I already see you asking, is that all? Yes, that's all, simple we tell you!

Mix everything to obtain a more or less thick texture depending on your preferences. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse. The powder shampoo may not lather, but it will be just as effective as the others, very gentle on children while respecting sensitive scalps!

Here is a small list of powders suitable for children's hair: reetha powder or green clay for oily hair, peony powder or white clay for sensitive scalps, sidr powder for damaged, brittle hair... The possibilities are numerous!

Dry without damaging

We've already told you several times, hair dryers and other heating appliances are a no-no ! So yes, who has never used a hair dryer? It's hard to do without it, especially when you're in a hurry and have to run in all directions, but let's use good reflexes. These devices are unnecessarily aggressive, even more so for kids than for us. In case of emergency and I'm not talking about a “BFF evening” emergency here, take care to select the coldest temperature .

For effective drying, use a microfiber towel, dry me will be your ally for drying your little President's hair. Until now, you were using a cotton t-shirt, which is already very good. Next step, use Dry Me My Microfiber Towel . Its fabric has an intense absorption capacity , speeds up drying time and helps coat the hair . A triple action that your cotton t-shirt does not have. You will have understood, we like gentleness in Madam President. We all want to avoid causing tears when doing our children's hair, especially when moisturizing and then detangling.

Time for moisturizing care

To hydrate:

After washing, apply aloe vera gel from roots to ends, then a few drops of vegetable oils to seal in hydration ...tadammm that's it. If your children have dry , frizzy or curly hair, opt for a little spray of water or hydrosol from time to time. No need to go through all your drawers, yourMadam President spray is on your left.
Concerning the ideal hydrosols for children and their sensitive skin: witch hazel, rose, chamomile, orange blossom...

From the age of 6, you can switch to a more in-depth treatment: shea whipped cream , our DIY recipe for which is available here .

To complete the treatment, you can apply a detangling milk or cream, essential for damaged, frizzy or curly hair .

Multiplying products to take care of children's hair is a no-no! You shouldn't overdo it. It's best to use products sparingly to find the right formula.

Detangling and styling: don’t give up, we’ve got your back.

To facilitate detangling, “hynuapdou” technical memo: hydration, nutrition, conditioner, gentle drying. Did we just invent it? Yes, ok but after repeating it two or three times in your head, you can no longer forget it.?

After this “hynuapdou”, let’s get down to business:

Preferably detangling on damp hair or after applying a moisturizing product

Detangle first with your fingers

Use a brush adapted to your child's hair type, with soft bristles before 1 year old and with rounded bristles up to 4 years old.

Hair styling: the anti-tangle essential

The detangling stage is over, we move on to styling. Don't panic, the hardest part is behind us.

The must-do: protective hairstyle ! It is indispensable! It is an integral part of a children's hair care routine. Nothing complicated: opt for a braid (the smoother it is, the less likely the hair will get tangled), a high ponytail , vanilla ...

The important thing: lift your hair . Why: It’s a win-win. For you, less work for you, less risk of getting them tangled in all directions for him. Everybody is happy !?

Afterwards, try to vary your hairstyles so as not to damage fine hair by always tying it in the same way. Choose linen gel or wax for baby hair, less aggressive than industrial gel.

You will have understood, today, the key words were gentleness, simplicity, hynuapdou.

Three terms for taking care of the little ones' hair without overdoing any type of care. To avoid knots, tie your hair and everything will be fine. To complete this already solid routine, you can turn to theLittle President gummies , for children aged 4 and over . These vitamin candies in the shape of a bear and with a good strawberry flavor will provide your little presidents with all the minerals and vitamins they need for strong health and sublimated hair. Stronger, more beautiful hair in just one step!

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