5 hairstyle ideas to shine during the holidays!

5 idées coiffure pour briller pendant les fêtes!

Christmas is a great time to meet, offer, share.

It's also the time when we try to look our best, despite the enormous amount of preparation for the festivities!

It's not always easy to know what to prepare for a meal, how to dress or even how to do your hair.

Do not panic !

Madam President has found 5 hairstyle ideas for you for the holidays.

For this hairstyle, nothing complicated! Make a “loose” half tail . Curl your hair and finish by pulling a few strands for a less structured effect. Easy!

This hairstyle is very classy and yet super simple! Tilt your head forward so you can braid your hair starting from the bottom. Move up to the back of the crown of your head. Curl the rest of the hair then fold it forward using bobépines . Pretty cool, right?

Because we don't all have long hair, here's a hairstyle that can suit everyone. Take a section of hair on each side of your head, at the front, and braid it. Make them meet at the back by tying them with an elastic band . You are ready for the evening with a bohemian look !

This hairstyle requires slightly more patience, but remains within the reach of every President! We must start by dividing our hair into 4 sections . Then braid each of the sections. To finish, take the 4 braids and make a bun . Wow result guaranteed!

We're revisiting the high ponytail we love so much! Take a section above your head and braid it. The two sections on the sides must be pulled out and folded back. Tie everything together with an elastic band, curl or straighten according to your preference. A real Hair queen !

All you have to do is find the outfit that will go with one of these dream hairstyles... Happy Holidays, Presidents!
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