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Wishlist for a feel good Christmas

Ho ho ho! Christmas is fast approaching, and so are the presents! Like every year, we sometimes run out of ideas: what can we offer to this feminist and committed cousin? And to this aunt who we’re going to see again for the first time in five years? And to that mom-to-be, who is tired of receiving rompers and stuffed animals? Madam President to the rescue: discover our wishlist for a feel good Christmas, for delighted Presidents!

wishlist noel feel good


Homemade Christmas gifts: the personal touch!

A gift from the heart is always a pleasure. But a handmade gift: can you imagine anything more personal? Home-made has the advantage of having no limits: decoration, sewing, knitting, customization, beauty… Sit on your sofa, look around… And create!

You don’t have time to think? Don’t worry, we weren’t going to leave you like that! So let’s start our wishlist for a feel good Christmas with a little list of creative ideas!

Sewing and knitting: get out your needles!

If you are good with your hands and have a little time on your hands, it’s time to start sewing or knitting: scarf, hat, storage bag… The possibilities are great when you know how to handle the thread and the needle! Choose some nice wools (or fabrics) and let’s go! Personalized gifts AND that will be used, winning combo! And to get you started, here is a


for beginners to knit a scarf !


home made wishlist noel

Scrapbooking: reinventing objects

For the personalization of objects (cards, boxes, photo albums), you can turn to scrapbooking: make beautiful with less beautiful! Collage, cutting, calligraphy and coloring, if you are a fan of glitter and colored markers, scrapbooking is for you! You will find many tutorials on the blogs

Scrapbooking stars

for example!


DIY beauty: the safe bet

Finally, for the beauty fans (we know you’re out there), find some nice containers and offer them a

shea butter chantilly

or lip balm, deodorant… Or all at once! You will find many recipes on our

Instagram feed

or on the blog


. It’s a gift!


A cocooning gift, for a Christmas
feel good
and warm Christmas

Because Christmas is also the occasion to offer something to spend the winter in the warmth, we propose you some ideas of cocooning gifts, to please gently!

Tea time

What would a
for a Christmas
feel good
without tea? In bulk, there is something for everyone: from green tea to black tea, white tea and herbal teas, fruity or woody… Everyone will find the tea they like!
Our preference? Detox tea Resolution No. 2 of the President ! Take care of your hair by drinking tea? This is possible with this green tea made from organically grown ingredients. His bonus? It can be part of a home-made gift: why not offer an oily macerate?

A warm winter

And because taking care of yourself also means relaxing and taking time to do nothing, don’t hesitate to offer a blanket, a hot water bottle, a mug… Everything you need for the perfect Presidential evening: a book, a series and cocooning!

tea cocooning wishlist feel good

Feminist ChristmasWishlist for Committed Presidents

We still haven’t answered our first question: what to get your activist cousin? Don’t panic, here are some ideas.

Classic (but timeless): the book

Raising awareness with books? It’s possible: essays, novels, comics… You will find feminism in all its forms! A small, non-exhaustive selection (at all).

  • We can only begin by citing the classic pioneering essays of feminism: Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex or Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. In the category of essays, you can also turn to the indestructible King Kong Theory, by Virginie Despentes. All of them deal with feminism and the struggle it implies: ideal for raising awareness.
  • As for feminist novels, you’ll be happy with Margaret Atwood’s The Scarlet Handmaiden , Shobha Roa’s I’ll Fetch You to the End of the World and Annie Ernaux’s The Event : between dystopias and initiatory journeys, something to escape to while reflecting on our society.
  • And because women are not given enough prominence in history books,
    Evening Stories for Rebellious Girls
    (by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo) is an essential for the feminist education of the youngest (or older children who like drawings): this illustrated book traces the destiny of 100 women who have marked history and society through the ages. And for twice the fun, there are two volumes!

feel good reading

Against taboos: Girl Power

In another theme, you can also decide to offer menstrual panties: because we should all be able to live our cycle without feeling ashamed or stressed. Ideal to free the subject of menstruation and put an end to taboos once and for all! To do this, you can opt for menstrual panties that are 100% comfortable, environmentally friendly… And elegant, because a President must feel beautiful even during her period!

And for your hair, discover our list of gifts

Because our hair is our most beautiful jewel, we couldn’t offer you a wishlist for a feel good Christmas without talking about taking care of it!

The B-A-BA of hair

You can of course choose accessories: satin scrunchie, bristle brush, etc. boar, microfiber towel… These hair beauty essentials are ALWAYS a good idea! They gently care for your hair, for the best shine and health!

Zoom in on their benefits: the satin scrunchie preserves the hair’s moisture and limits breakage during tying. The soft bristle brush prevents straight and wavy hair from being damaged by thick bristles that pull on knots instead of detangling them and damaging the scalp. Finally, a microfiber towel, like satin, preserves moisture after the shower.

Food supplements: hair on fleek in one step

And for hair in great shapeDo not hesitate to turn to food supplements:

Resolution One…


Hair Boost

will stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss.

Madam President Noel christmas box

  • The men are not left out! For them, we have created


    citrus gummies designed to meet their needs: less fall, more density!
    And we don’t forget anyone! Pregnant and breastfeeding women can therefore turn with their eyes closed to


    Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can turn their eyes to the pimped out prenatal vitamins to do their hair some good! Finally, for the little Presidents, you can choose

    Little President

    the gummies for children from 4 years old, which will give them a boost while sublimating their hair! With all this, you don’t know what to choose? No problem: offer a
    gift card


Feel good women

And there you have it, you’re full of ideas! So, who are you going to spoil?

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