Having beautiful hair during pregnancy

       Having beautiful hair during pregnancy: We all dream about it!

Nothing is more beautiful than the announcement of a happy event!

(Finally, apart from the announcement of a departure on a trip around the world, or a prize in the lottery, or an invitation

at Dysneyland Paris maybe & #8230; hahaha)

You will live 9 months of physical changes:

 the hormonal changes will play tricks, without your hair being spared! ?

Don't panic, at Madam President, we have more than one trick in our handbag to thwart the tricks of these hormones!

I give you here my little tips for having beautiful hair during pregnancy!

1 / What Pasa?

Our little ones hormones will be playing roller coasters for the next 9 months! (and on our mood too ?)

Aaaaaaah the happiness of pregnancy !

During this period it is left or double!

Either our hair is bright, stronger and more thick,

Either it's the opposite and they're dull, fat and can fall!

Your capillary change will come from estrogen which will be secreted much more than normal, and generally sublimate your hair!

And yes the pregnancy suits us so well! ?

In contrast, it’s the opposite effect that occurs in some women,

This is why a new routine will have to be put in place to have beautiful hair during pregnancy.



2 / Good care

Never stop taking care of it even if your hair is sublime for 9 months: lucky! ?

Continue your usual masks to feed them, even during pregnancy: they just want to be pampered!

In Madame President we love it Shea Butter that we leave in mask on the hair!

hydration and softness guarantee!

If you are not a fan of shea butter and are worried that it will grease your hair too much,

I give you an easy recipe to make!

You will need:

? 2 jars of organic natural yoghurt

? 5 CàS organic honey

Honey is our best ally in any situation!

Whether on the face or hair, it will do you the greatest good!

Mix these 2 ingredients that you will leave in a mask for at least 1h before rinsing.


We banish colorations and any chemicals on the hair. They are strongly discouraged during pregnancy!


3 / If you have oily hair…

I do not recommend the heating devices that will activate the production of sebaceous glands and grease them faster!

Also, promote a mild shampoo with a neutral PH.

It will help maintain the natural balance of your scalp, thus helping you to have great looking hair during pregnancy.

Rhassoul powder shampoo helps eradicate excess sebum and is very gentle on your scalp.

Here is a recipe that I particularly like:

? 3 tablespoons of Rasul

? some water

C 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.

? 1 tbsp of floral water

? 1 teaspoon of organic liquid honey

? 3 tsp vegetable oil of your choice (optional)

The whole should form a homogeneous paste that you apply on dry or wet hair, preferably with a brush.

Then, leave on for 15min and rinse with clear water!

You can also use a dry shampoo that will allow you to space the washes (you will find our natural recipe in our downloadable Ebook in the pop-up on the home page)

4 / And after childbirth?

The hardest of the 9 months has passed: childbirth ! ?

After that, a hormonal upheaval will appear and the estrogen level will suddenly drop!

In addition to being very tired, your hair will suffer from this hormonal imbalance and will start to fall! ☹️

Even though the nights are short (thanks baby ?),

Therefore, do not neglect your sleep and rest as soon as you get the chance!

Yes I know, you hear it all the time and don't know how to put this advice into practice, I've been there ... 3 times!

I only understood baby number 3: Leave aside the cleanliness of your house or any other task that seems essential to you! Your rest and your health are more important than all of this.

Yes ladies, now a little being needs you… in good shape!

So please force yourself to sleep at the same time as baby!

Your food is also very important, especially at this time!

For example, Fill up onOmega 3 : eggs, salmon, nuts, cod liver oil… Yes I can hear you from here saying “Erkkk!”

But it is an old remedy from grandmother, which has proven itself. its virtues are incredible!

So, 1 tablespoon every morning and presto! full of vitamins A and D!

And we will never repeat it enough, fruits and vegetables are your friends!

They are essential for a good nutritional balance. If you are no longer breastfeeding, a good course of food supplements can help you stop hair loss and fill up with essential nutrients for your body.

We promise, In 3 months, you will see real improvement in your mane!

And above all do not leave lying around thinking that it will pass ... Damage to the hair can sometimes be significant.

Here, we went around my little tips to have beautiful hair during pregnancy.

It only remains for me to wish you a wonderful pregnancy and Congratulations to you, President! ?

8 thoughts on "Avoir de beaux cheveux pendant sa grossesse"

  1. Rolland says:

    Do you advise us to take the cure during the 9 months of pregnancy and after?
    Or 3 months at the start and 3 months after childbirth?

    Yours truly,

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      I advise you to do it during the first 6 months of pregnancy, then to take it again at childbirth!
      Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your attending physician or midwife, who knows your state of health 😉

      Beautiful day!

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  3. Veevee971 says:

    Thank you Madam President for these precious tips to keep hair beautiful and healthy before / after pregnancy. This is the kind of advice you really need!

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Thank you very much for this nice Veevee post!
      I have been pregnant 3 times so I try to give the advice that I would have liked to have 🙂

  4. Kristel says:

    Great! Thank you for this article. I gave birth almost two months ago and my hair is still very long and thick. I will still pay attention to my diet for fear of having hair loss.

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Kristel!
      Little lucky 😉 Continue to take good care of this beautiful hair?

      Beautiful day,


    2. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Kristel!
      Congratulations on the arrival of baby!
      I hope everything went well!
      You are quite right that diet and rest are the heart of good health.

      Beautiful day!

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