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The 8 hairstyles for this summer to try

Les 8 coiffures pour cet été à tester absolument

The 8 hairstyles for this summer to try


Summer is finally here; the season of festivals, parties, happy hours with colleagues or simply vacations… The best time of the year when you don’t necessarily want to do your hair and at the same time you want to be the most original! This article is for you, if you are looking for an original hairstyle for this summer to try. In the team Madame President, we already have our hairstyles for this summer and you?


Heart braids

Mats heart summer trendy hairstyle 2022
Photo from Pinterest

To be made with braids or with your hair, you will be a sensation on the beach! This is the low maintenance hairstyle that will protect your hair. But be careful, protective hair doesn’t mean “I have nothing left to do”. Whatever hairstyle you choose this summer, it is essential to take care of your scalp and your lengths.

Bubble ponytails

Bubble ponytail trendy summer hairstyle 2022
Photo taken on Pinterest

The “bubble” is declined in different ways. It has crossed the seasons and is not ready to be forgotten. So we dare, we decline…

Double ponytails braids

Double ponytails braids summer hairstyle
Photo taken on Pinterest

The hairstyle of our childhood; we are sure that in your primary school photo album you have a photo with two braids. It is the “cute” hairstyle par excellence to be redone when you are older by breaking with a “tomboy” style of dress for example.

Knotless braids

knotless braids summer trendy hairstyles
Photo taken on Pinterest

Very fashionable these last years, the knotless braids is perfect for this summer provided that you take care of it because even if you make braids, you should not neglect your scalp as well as your ends. For your scalp,
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will be perfect to accompany you all summer long. It will help anchor the hair bulb in the scalp and assist in growth.

Marley twist

marley twist summer hairstyle
Photo from Pinterest

Just like the “knotless braids” it is a very fashionable hairstyle and gives a great effect when it is “old”. The older this hairstyle gets, the better it will look!

Bantu Knots

Bantu knot summer hairstyle with accessory
Photo from Pinterest

For the record,“bantu” refers to the people located in sub-Saharan Africa and“knot“; comes from the Anglissimo and means“knot”. Bantu Knot is the hairstyle that consists in taking a part of the hair and wrapping it around itself to make a knot. There are different variations of this hairstyle. It can be worn in all circumstances; to protect its hair because the points are found inside the cabbage. You can also undo it the next day to get curls.

90′ Inspiration

90 summer trendy hairstyle
Photo from Pinterest

Whether it’s in music or clothing, the 90’s are back in force! So feel free to look at your childhood photos, your parents, recreate the hairstyles and have fun.


Locs and scarf headwraps for summer
Photo from Pinterest

In the team, we are more than one to want to make locks! The locs plus scarf combo, the little twist for this summer that is all the rage.

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