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Essential oils for your hair


How to take care of your hair naturally
thanks to essential oils.


Hello presidents!

Here are some tips for taking care of your hair during the holidays. Essential oils are you beneficial for taking care of your body but also your hair health eh eh !
The little extra of this recipe: you just have to put a few drops in your usual products to boost the regrowth or shine of your hair and fight against dandruff etc. The essential oils are to handle with care because they are very powerful and contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in children under five months of age. It is therefore important to remember that essential oils are dissolve in another liquid / oily body before applying.

These oils can be diluted in a natural and neutral shampoo. For this you can add up to 20 drops for 10cl of shampoo. Or by letting them pose as a mask with a vegetable oil.

To boost its effectiveness, do not hesitate to to sleep with this mixture of oil on your hair and rinse well the next morning. The essential oils of small grain and of patchouli can help you rid of your dandruff. But also the essential oils of Bay Saint Thomas, from cedar, from sage, from rosemary, from lavender, from bergamot and of tea tree.

If you have hair dull, brittle, damaged, use a few drops of essential oils of lemongrass and of chamomile can only do them good!
If your scalp is irritated you can count on lavender essential oil which has soothing properties. Against anxiety, she help to sleepbut it also soothes the scalp irritations.
The essential oil of tea tree as for her clarifies and cleanses the skin in general. It is good for the scalp and is one of the only essential oils that can be applied to even skin without worries.

In addition, these oils will also be your allies of size for fight against lice! To soften, cure your dry hair and say bye bye to the forks you can use the essential oils of geranium, from palmarosa and cade wood.

For fight against oily hair and regulate sebum of your scalp, feel free to slip a few drops of bergamot, from clarified sage, of grapefruit, atlas cedar, lemon or laurel in your hair care!

To bring some shine to your hair, know that the essential oil of ylang-ylang fight against dull hair, that of Lemongrass revives their radiance, and that the Rosewood makes the forks less ... forked (especially on curly hair).

And finally for stimulate the growth of your hair you can use the essential oil of Bay Saint Thomas who keep the scalp healthy and the essential oil of peppermint which decongests blocked noses but also stimulates blood circulation. But you can also use the essential oils of ginger, very effective against the hair loss, and of rosemary, which brings them a lot of vitality.

And to complete these natural treatments, a Resolution N ° 1 cure nourishes the hair from the inside to bring it health and vitality! Longer, denser and stronger, your hair is radiant.

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Thank you Madam President ?


8 thoughts on "Les huiles essentielles pour vos cheveux"

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  2. Alicia says:

    Great article. What oil can I use for hair loss? thank you

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Alicia,

      Castor oil and garlic are very good oils to fight against hair loss 😉

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  4. shampoing says:

    Super Article !!! Fills with good information

  5. Feminita says:

    I have been using lemon for my hair for years…. I am very tempted by grapefruit oil (having very oily hair!)

    In any case, thank you for the different suggestions… I don't really know anything about aromatherapy!

  6. Passion Beauté says:

    Great article, the tips are very useful! I did not know the essential oil of ylang-ylang, I will test it very quickly to bring shine to my hair!

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