Dry and damaged frizzy frizzy hair styling

Style my dry or damaged hair

Styling your dry or damaged hair is often an ordeal! And the holidays rarely do them any good! How not to damage them more? Protective hairstyle or loose hair: what to choose? So many questions that make the subject a real puzzle ... But not anymore! Madam President takes the bull by the horns and answers all your questions!

Hair nourish moisturize

Your natural hair: your best treasure

natural hair take care

The base of the base for dry or damaged hair: let them live their life naturally.

All they ask: be accepted. Yes, your sleek hair is chic. Yes, your curls make you look angelic. Yes, your afro cut is beautiful. Why torture them with products and other heating devices? 0 heat, 0 straightening / smoothing / curling… And 0 petrochemicals! If you want to use it, check your labels: the dryness and brittleness of your hair may be from these (false) friends!

In short, opt for natural hair and take care of its texture: it will quickly regain the hair of the beast! To style them day after day, you can alternate hairstyles: braids, bun, scarf ... All hairstyles are suitable for dry and natural hair provided they are accompanied by a routine hydration and nutrition adapted.

You can even let them breathe by peeling them off! Be careful, however: in winter, scarves, coats and other hats rub on the hair and weaken the hair fiber (unless you have the good taste to dress exclusively in silk and satin). The ideal is therefore to keep the “hair in the wind” trick for your less covered outfits!

Do you want to curl or straighten your hair?

We see you eyeing straighteners and curling irons! To turn your dry or damaged hair into fabulous hair, we have found some tips for you to avoid these enemies of the hair fiber.

Straighten your hair without attacking it

For incredibly straight hair, rather than the famous straightening / burning iron, we recommend hot combing, which will not damage your hair. Be careful, it heats up anyway, so don't forget to feed them with a suitable conditioner and to give them regular masks. nourishing and moisturizers. In addition, you know, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair is particularly fragile and therefore needs to be pampered.

Another tip: the wig. Straight hair at will, and the color you want, without going through the permanent coloring box: happiness.

Straight, dry and damaged hair styling

Curl your hair gently

Want your straight hair to become a cascade of beautiful, chunky curls without a curling iron? It's possible ! You will find many tips for more or less wide curls at MissouMakeup or Laura millow for example ! All without any heat, isn't it beautiful?

For little mermaid-worthy waves, you can also braid your hair and let it set overnight or for a day. Guaranteed effect! In addition, braids are ideal for styling dry and damaged hair: they minimize breakage by limiting friction.

Protective hairstyle: friend of your hair

Zoom on plated braidsplated braid styling dry and damaged hair

Plated braids (often used as a protective hairstyle for frizzy hair) give your hair time to grow without being exposed to excessive handling. Ideal for styling your dry or damaged hair! Bonus: they save you time. Plated braids are not the ones you take off every day! No more 45 minutes in front of the mirror to do a bun loose.

But be careful, not doing your hair does not mean giving up your hair! Flat braids require as many shampoos, masks and conditioners as loose hair. In a while, when you remove them, you will see a super growth ... And hair in better shape, which will have benefited from their rest to get a facelift!

Don't abuse the good stuff!

However, do not keep a protective hairstyle for months: 2 to 3 weeks maximum! The duration will depend on your hair type, its porosity and its fineness. The more fragile your hair, the less you have to prolong this hairstyle: it can suffocate the scalp and the hair, and exert too strong traction, thus increasing the fall at the time of the styling. Protect, yes, but not too much!

Anyway, taking care of your dry and damaged hair goes through hairdressing… And by care adapted to your porosity and your problem! Don't let the problem linger: if it has deficiencies, unfortunately your hair cannot fill them without your help! And above all, do not hesitate to cut your ends to help them start afresh.

Don't be afraid to go to great lengths with food supplements either. Resolution N ° 1 and Hair Boost will stimulate the growth of your hair and slow down its fall. And we don't forget anyone! Pregnant and breastfeeding women can therefore turn their eyes to Mama, prenatal vitamins spiked to benefit their hair.

Finally, men and children are not left out! For them we have created Mr. and Magic hair. With Madam President, each his cure!

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