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Because healthy hair must be nourished from the root, Madame la Présidente offers an exclusive formula based on plant vitamins and minerals to give you the mane we all dream of: strong, nourished and healthy!

Resolution N°1 is THE food supplement that gives your hair back its vitality their density and and helps it to grow faster.

Here’s to supple, silky, thick hair like in the movies!

Because we’d all rather spend time doing something else than time-consuming care, Resolution No. 1 is 1 tablet, once a day with a large glass of water. Who has a faster solution?

Resolution #1 contains:

A concentrate of vitamins : A for hair suppleness and shine, C to promote growth, B1 to restore the hair fibre, B2 for its action on the elasticity of keratin, B3 to fight against hair loss, B6 to strengthen it, B12 to improve curls, restore shine and vitality. The vitamin B8 and B5 act against hair loss, regenerate damaged hair and promote regrowth. Finally, the vitamin D3 fights against hair loss.

Folic Acid : To stop hair loss and stimulate growth.

Marine Collagen repairs and gives volume to the hair.

Stinging Nettle Stinging nettle : hair tonic, helps to fight against hair loss, regulates sebum secretion, stimulates hair growth.

Horsetail It strengthens the hair and stimulates growth. It also tones and firms the tissues. Yes, we’re also thinking about your pretty face, isn’t that nice?

Selenium Yeast Beneficial to the beauty of hair, nails and skin, it helps to maintain them in a normal state. It is beneficial in the fight against premature cell aging and oxidative stress.

calcium carbonate fights against hair loss.

MSM Improves cellular metabolism, fortifies the scalp, improves the tissues. Highly effective in improving the texture of hair, skin and nails.[Because healthy hair needs to be fed from the root, Madame la Présidente proposes an exclusive formula based on vitamins plants and minerals to find the mane we all dream of: strong nourished and healthy !

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