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Repairing dry hair


Dull, brittle, fragile or forked reeds, no doubt your hair is weakened. Do not panic ! If you have lost all hope of seeing them again in good health and plan to cut everything off, rest assured! Madam President gives you some tips to help you heal your dry hair and find a sublime hair.

What to do ?

Notice of capillary dryness ! It's simple, your hair has turned into a haystack. It's time to take action.

A priori, when your skin is dry, it is the sign that it lacks water. To requinquer, it is often enough to give him the appropriate drink (like a good moisturizer). But history is not written in the same way for dry hair. If they are driedit is not because they lack water but because they testify to the fragility of the capillary stem, from a lack of secretion of sebum (which protects the hair) or that they suffer from external aggression.

And to fix them, we must not neglect any step. Stop dry hair, we have the solution!

Space the shampoos

It is very bad to wash your hair too frequently. Long-term the scalp becomes fragile and dries up. The ideal? A shampoo every three days in order to preserve the quality of the hair and to prevent it from breaking. For those who accumulate the inconvenience and who also have the fatty roots (It happens), a little dry shampoo or a nice bun on the third day and you're done!

As you already know, the "chemical" colorations repetitions can also damage the hair! Even if we can not help thinking about the beautiful reflections they will bring us, the fact of frequently coloring our hair will accentuate their dry nature. So try toSpace applications as much as possible.

Treat your hair

If you have damaged hair, do not hesitate to make every effort to pamper them. Make a mask once or twice a week, to moisturize and deeply nourish the hair. Use a day cream daily to sublimate, moisturize on the surface and discipline the lengths.

Oil on hair works and it's not a legend! So if you have dry hair feel free to apply it over and over again. Your hair will appear quickly smoother, more flexible, less coarse, in short, more beautiful, what! On the other hand, if you have the oily scalp, be satisfied with an application on the lengths by insisting well on the ends.

Our recipe: use palm oil or safflower oil, apply it to wet hair and let it sit in a hot towel for at least 20 minutes. Care based on Shea butter strengthen the hair scale and soften the hair.

Rinse without damaging

Too often neglected, the "rinsing" step is essential to fight against dry hair!

The gesture is simple: rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water or cold! The warm water, although pleasant, damages the hair deep and rids the sebum that protects it.

Second step: say goodbye to limestone. To fight dry hair, vinegar is your ally! It helps neutralize the limestone that attacks and dries your hair.

Our recipe: add 1 to 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in ½ liter of natural water. You can also use lemon, simple and excellent anti-limescale.

Say goodbye to the hair dryer

It is very convenient hair dryer, we agree but we must recognize that it is not ideal for dry hair. The heat opens the scales, weakens the hair and generally gives an even more fluffy sparkling effect on a dry hair. Wash your hair preferably in the evening and let it dry in the open air after wringing it in a big towel (be careful: do not rub convulsively, at the risk of weakening them). In case it is unthinkable for you to abandon the routine of the hair dryer, make a habit of applying a thermoprotective care on all of your hair that will serve as a shield.

Bye bye dry hair!


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