Our founder

I am like you. A woman of my time: well in my sneakers or in my heels according to the mood, passionate about my job, follower of the evenings between girlfriends and super fan of my three toddlers.

I love sweets, buy all the new cosmetics, the moment I go under the duvet after a long day, or try to drink tea while reading a book while my children are devastating my house. (No, do not worry, I do not read more than half a page without being interrupted by cries!).

Yes, I am busy. Busy with my job I love, busy with my family life that I want to live thoroughly, with my social life that I do not want to leave. The weeks are tight and the nights are too short.

Like most of us, stress, bipolar hygiene and pollution have a real impact on my hair: significant loss, dull hair, no vitality.

In 10 years, I've been trying unsuccessfully most of the products on the market promising beautiful, long, strong, fast-growing hair. Without much success. My wallet emptied faster than my hair pushed!

I therefore decided to develop (with the help of a large laboratory and health professionals), a range of products that would look like us and really meet our needs:

Speed: we are busy!

Efficiency: we do not like Bla-blas!

Well studied formulation: No harmful products> We want to know what we ingest or put on the body!

Made in France : Cocorico!

Cool : Yes, I told you products in our image!


Because we are all presidents and we deserve the best.

Madame la Présidente, it's you, it's us.