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Purify and strengthen hair with detox tea

A detox tea that cleanses and strengthens your hair? Yes, it does exist. For a cocooning hair routine, Madame President has created
Resolution N°2

Detox tea Resolution N°2

Resolution N°2 is an organic detox tea The cure lasts 12 to 25 days, with one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. Packed with organic plants with recognized virtues for the hair, it will purify it and give it all the softness it needs!

In summary, you will find :

  • from green tea and goji berrieswhich reduce hair loss and stimulate regrowth. The green tea also helps to regulate the PH level of the scalp,
  • peppermint peppermintwhich promotes blood circulation in the scalp,
  • from gingerwhich stimulates growth and strengthens tired hair,
  • turmeric and rose petals, which soothe irritation and cleanse the scalp,
  • and finally elderflowers, used for their softening and moisturizing properties.

A 9-in-1 tea, to which we can also attribute relaxing virtues: a cup of hot tea, a good plaid, a book or a Netflix evening… What better way to recharge your batteries in autumn?

And it’s not over yet! You are beginning to know us: Madam President likes to add her
special touch
in her treatments, because she knows that, like her, you want to save time with 100-in-1 products.

Resolution N°2 is a detox tea, yes, but not only! Oily macerate, rinsing water, moisturizing care… Here are some of the recipes you can make with our tea, to spice up your hair in a few weeks and without effort!


Oily macerate


1. Oily macerate

A oily macerateA simple to make oil macerate is ideal to complete your oil bath: during the maceration, the oil will absorb the virtues of the plants and will offer all the benefits to your hair!

  1. Choose an airtight container and fill it with Resolution No. 2, without tamping.
  2. Then pour in the oil of your choice (we like recipes from the cupboard!) until the plants are covered. Be careful, some oils go rancid faster than others, like castor oil!
  3. Optional: to prevent the oil from going rancid too quickly, you can add a few drops of vitamin E to the preparation.
  4. Leave to stand for 30 days, shaking the bottle from time to time, then store your macerate in a cool place, away from light.

You can use the super oil baths !

Detox tea Resolution N°2

2. Rinsing water

A perfect recipe to cleanse and strengthen your hair with Resolution #2 Detox Tea, the rinse water is extremely easy to make… Perfect for time-poor Presidents!

  1. Brew 10 grams of Resolution No. 2 in 1 litre of water for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove the tea (you can save it for our next recipe!).
  3. Allow to cool.

It’s ready! Apply this miracle lotion after your shampoo two or three times a week, and give your scalp all the benefits of our tea. It will bring will give your hair strength and shine .To accentuate the shine effect, you can add hibiscus flower or lemon juice .

apple vinegar

… Wow effect guaranteed!


Oatmeal Tea Honey Mask

3. Moisturizing and purifying face mask

Finally, because our skin deserves to be pampered as much as our hair, why not opt for a purifying and hydrating mask? Fast and efficient, it will delight every face!

You need :

  1. 5 to 10 grams of Resolution N°2 infused for 10 minutes (in a cup for your breakfast or in 1 litre of water for your rinse water for example!)
  2. two tablespoons of honey or agave syrup,
  3. a tablespoon of oatmeal.

Mix it all together to form a paste… It’s ready! Apply this mask to your cleansed face and leave it on for about ten minutes before rinsing. Hop! Skin like a baby!

Perfect for sensitive skin or to face the upcoming cold…

Detox Tea



Of course, our Resolution #2 Detox Tea can cleanse and strengthen your hair through many other recipes! Would you like us to share any others with you?

However, remember: for optimal action of Resolution N°2, it is essential to have a

healthy lifestyle

andbe happy! And if you want to accompany your tea with some delicious treats, take a look at the gummies Madam President :

Hair boost

will help your hair grow and reinforce the effects of Resolution #2. What are you waiting for?


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